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Wish list: WHDload-like program for games from other systems?

This is another of those "not going to happen" wishes that would probably benefit only me or a few other people, but:

What about a WHDload-like program with slaves for running C64 or Atari800 or 80's Arcade games?

Yes there are emulators, but for people with slow Amigas without graphics cards (am I the only one?), most games are not even playable. My point is: why emulate the whole computer instead of just using what is necessary for the game and eliminate unnecesary stuff to speed it up? Why require a graphics card (MAME) to run an 80's arcade game that had 8 colours? (I know, MAME is ported that's why)

Or maybe WHDload could actually be used and instead of running a WB1.3 emulation like it does for some games, it runs a (modular streamlined) C64 emulation? What do you think? Is it feasable/useful or am I just talking out of my arse?
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I'm not the one to answer this but one thing that is obvious even to me that whdload is not about emulating software made for another machine than the host system so I don't see how a comparison can be made.

As for emulating C64 on Amiga, because they are compleyely different machines I doubt there would be an alternative to writing a full emulator. Amiga and C64 are in no way compatible to each other apart from the joystick port

But of course, in theory, one would write different emulators for seperate games and optimize them according to the needs of the games emulated. Still I can't relate it to whdload or think of any sane programmer that would want to do this.
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