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RIP Friends
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Yeahronimo Media Ventures buys Commodore for 24 Million Euro

AMERSFOORT - computer manufacturer Tulip sells Commodore for 24 millions euro to its subsidiary company to the American Yeahronimo media ventures. That Tulip have announced Monday.

Both companies have signed an intention declaration for the transfer of the fameuze computer mark. Yeahronimo are an American venture with a sale office in the Netherlands. Tulip want aim after sale accelerated at increase of the residual main activities.

The turnover of 24 millions has been partly related to the future turnover of Commodore. At the latest by the end of October 2010 must Tulip the complete amount within has. As sale, receive Tulip continue year still this 4 millions euro.

Music products

Commodore started year earlier this a new life at Tulip in the music world. The venture came with a range music products on the market. The company launched simultaneous is new sale canal on Internet, where beside portable music players, also music, games and merchandising will be obtain. With the wederopstanding the venture hopes which will revive old times.

In the years eighty reached Commodore its peak with C64. Still is considered ' these ' home computer with approximately 30 millions copies as the most sold computer ever.

Source: nu.nl/economie | comp.sys.cbm | amiga.org
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Black Lives Matter

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I wonder what the Commodore zealot lamers have to say about this. Unfortunately, the lame owner of lemon64 has banned all of south america or something, therefore I can't read. Great stuff.
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Old 28 December 2004, 20:58   #3
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I'm laughing because this news story seems to have been written by the same guy who wrote the infamous "All your base are belong to us".

I couldn't give a shit who owns Commodore - what do they get? a licence to make C= branded CD-ROMS, tampons and pens?

In fact I've forgotten who owns the ROMS.
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Oh noes!
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The tulip site is pure comedy
Tulip will receive a license fee for all Commodore C64 products delivered by Ironstone, installed on all computer brands using the Microsoft or any other operating system and all Commodore 64 branded products. In addition, Tulip will receive a license fee over the revenue from software downloads, subscriptions and advertising.

Even today there is still an extensive group of about 6 million loyal Commodore users and enthusiasts around the world. This community is currently spread over hundreds of unofficial websites. The community craves acknowledgement and authenticity from the true Commodore C64 brand. Tulip is the owner of the brand name Commodore. Through this partnership Tulip grants to Ironstone the exclusive rights to exploit the official Commodore C64 web-portal and use of the Commodore 64 brand name.

Ironstone and Tulip invite the Commodore community to join the official Commodore C64 web-portal. Currently there are about 300 commercial websites that use the name Commodore or Commodore 64 without having a license from Tulip. Tulip will not allow unauthorised use of the Commodore brand.

In this partnership, Ironstone will create the official Commodore C64 games and community portal designed to focus and harness the power of the Commodore C64 user base and to efficiently provide the services required by these individuals for a fee. The founders of Ironstone are experienced and successful, in previous similar projects Ironstone achieved a subscriber to pay subscriber conversion rate that was unparalleled in the Internet space.

The main objective of the Ironstone official C64 portal is to unite this massive global fan base of passionate enthusiasts. Through its web portal, Ironstone will market the official C64 emulator in various software and hardware formats. The games offered by the Ironstone web-portal will include the famous ‘classic’ C64 games as well as exciting new games and will also sell its Commodore-branded products through the site.
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Old 29 December 2004, 11:25   #5
cheeky scoundrel

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Errr, was a Dutch to English online translator used to create that news item? For as far as I know, "wederopstanding" is not an English word...
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Well, just to clear things up I've done my own translation* of the news story:

AMERSFOORT - for 24 Europe, 000, 000 of it company of cadence of the company of the United States of the average of the Yeahronimo and and in the commodore the tulip of the sale of will of fabrication of the calculating of the granchio? Tulip di N? The N monday informed. Two companies name have signed for the transference of ideography of the calculating of the declaration of the fameuze of the intention. The Yeahronimo to the inside of the cheese of the Low Countries is the company of the United States in the thread of official functions of sale. Tulip? Sowon of the N aimed to be main of active inner rest after selling that it accelerates to increase of the inner part. Percentage that resoconta has referred to the future ocean of the sale of the commodore of German silver of one sale of 24.000.000. October finally to the inside of double quantity meant of 2010 conclusions of year the tulip that it is to the inside of the river that is complete? When the N that enters in the debit. Sale entirety, tulip of the still of Europe? 4000000 receive the year in which the N continues. To the inside of the world of music of the commodore of the product of the tulip of music? The N to the inside in the new course of the life that has begun year before this. The company $R-al.mercato from capacity has come from music to my width. To where and music it transmits, the company that it plays and that it sells and that simultaneously buys that they are new grippa, a portable possibility of the line of the music that tightened that it depends to the navigation channel of the sale to the inside of the Internet and. Long in wederopstanding the hope of the company king it will compose the duration in which it will become. year of the commodore ' to the inside; 80 }c{64. Still in the capacity extremity ' it stares; To it ' it is of principle in the copy of 30.000.000 with from the computers that are always introduced personal the computer.

*hehe, sorry I forgot to state that this was a 8-way translation:

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Playing with the name ! Why didn't let it die with dignity?
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Black Lives Matter

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Cash-in obviously.

I still wonder what all the lamer zealots are saying about this... ha ha ha
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Old 30 December 2004, 21:14   #9
Black Lives Matter

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Old 31 December 2004, 09:12   #10
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If Im right, then upon its folding, Commodore basically was splitt into two "packages". One was called Amiga-Technologies which was bought later by Escom and then beeing passed on numberous times. The other was the C64 an their ill-fated Attempts on getting a foot in the PC-Clone business, I still dont know what happpened to that Part, but its not like I would care much. Just would like to know what brands a "Commodore zealot lamer"

PS. I just hate these Brand-Necrophilia
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Originally Posted by Npl

I'm gonna add that to my dictionary.....
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According to the article on Slashdot (source of unbiased, accurate information that it is), the new company intend to re-release old games, possibly for mobile phones. Marvellous idea! Except, of course, Commodore (the original company) has diddly squat to do with the games. Unlike Nintendo and Sega, Commodore didn't have licensing deals with any software publishers, so buying the Commodore brand gets you nowt.

They'll have to play the follow-up-the-publisher-buyout game:

"Let's re-release Super Game X! It was published by Cheapo-Publisher-Skankus. Just contact them- What? they were bought out by Skank-Me-Do Inc? OK, contact them... Oh, and they were bought out by Magic Skank Games? And they were bought out by EA. OK, contact EA...

Um, are you sure you won't let us release this old game? You're not selling it any more, you know. Yes, yes, I understand that you must protect your IP, but we've just spent a million bazillion pounds on a worthless chickenhead logo- Hello? Hello?

We must have been cut off."
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Old 31 December 2004, 19:49   #13
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To me the C= logo these days (and since about 1998) just stinks of cheapness.

Why do I want to be associated with anything that had it's logo stamped onto tampons just to make a quick buck?
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What's with the chicken head and tampons?
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Old 01 January 2005, 16:31   #15
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Regarding copyrights to games, dont the individuals who coded the games and music for C64/Amiga still own their 'portions' ?
What did the contracts/work for hire stipulate? (be interesting to find out)
One off payments/no future claim to profits?
Now there may be an oportunity to make some mega-bucks, mobile gaming etc. I'm sure 'names' will start to surface.
Does the company that released the games in the 80s have any claims after this amount of time. How would this work anyway as most companies simply ceased trading, not integrated within other larger organisations (EA) and doesn't copyright have to be registered within a certain time period or reverts back to public domain (similar to printed works??) or is computer data 1001110101 different?
Is this really a serious topic? Do any of the C64+AMIGA sites really give a f*ck. We've gone on this long without the big C= (c) and we're supposed to get 'excited' about this??....personally I hope they get burned fingers.
As stated its a lot of moolahs for C= (oops, get ready for the lawsuits)
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Old 01 January 2005, 17:45   #16
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In-house work is still an asset of the respective company, as long as they paid their workers.
Contract work is all copyright by their respective authors after the contract expired - and will remain this way after 75 years after their death or something of similar timescale.
Most publishing deals expired after a given time period like 2-5 years after first publication, or if if no publication happened within a given time period.
So buying games produced in-house by say Ocean are safe bets from Atari (Infogrames bought Ocean, Inforgrames bought the brand Atari from Hasbro and trade under the Atari name...), while buying my games or some other guys from this board would result in a lawsuit
Pretty simple, but each case has to be checked individually, most companies published both contract and in-house works.
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It is also worth noting that C= owned zero game licenses apart from the ones developed by them, like Commodore Soccer and few very early titles like that.
Usually stuff you wouldn't buy in the day, not nowadays...
So buying the C= license in a hope to get license for all C= games is not even funny, but clearly shows that either the seller or the buyer or possibly both has no idea whatsoever regarding the legal matters surrounding this area.
But what did anyone expect rampant mismanagement killed C= and this curse is still upon anyone buying their brands be it C= or Amiga - spooky
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Black Lives Matter

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Bring back Jack Tramiel. At least his mismanagement was fun
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Old 04 January 2005, 13:45   #19
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Roll eyes (sarcastic)

Why do I sense an almighty dose of dejavu here-oh wait, thats right didn't this pile of doo-doo shambles emerge when Ironstone first reared their ugly mugs? (After intially telling all the C64 sites how much of a positive force they were going to be,before basically waving a legal stick at any old games sites).
I still cannot believe that Tulip seems to keep re-spewing this assertion that Commodore ever "owned" their games-geez,I wish someone in Commodore knew that during its reign at the top-someone owes its backpayments obv.
Do these con-artisits honestly think threatening the very ones who'd even created the C64 emulation "market" for them to exploit will pay them any heed? I doubt most of them were even a twinkle in their parents eye given the stupidty on show here.

@Akira. I'm sure the usual suspects will again hail this another "triumpth", in the C64's "revival".
Is it the 1st April today & nobody's told me I've been in a coma or something?!
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