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Game Reviews & Your Opinions....

Hiya All,
Have you ever wanted to hurl abuse at Game Reviews? It's funny, I've seen many reviews in my time some I agree with, alot of them I don't. My question is, How do you feel when a game you like gets slated by reviewers? Do you become angry and write your own review, do you sit back and take it? Do you adhere to game reviews when purchasing a game? I want people to give me some examples when you felt the game review was totally wrong? and Why you feel game X is better than game Y? The reason why I came up with this thread was because I was looking at the following website.


The website reviews Amiga games from different Amiga magazine sources. Have a look, tell me what you agree with, which magazine you prefer? Do you check many resources when forming your opinion about a game? Seeing that we are on an Amiga forum Let's use the above website as the topic of choice. You can talk about newer games too if you want,

Come on, Have your say...If you think Chaos Engine deserved 22% then voice your opinion, or if Battle Squadron deserved 97%....

Who do you believe?
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Reviews are simply the personal viewpoint of the writer. If they differ from my own experience that confirms that the reviewer is a separate entity from me. It is not a case of correctness and incorrectness.

Once this premise is acknowledged reviews become an excellent way to learn more or make a decision about games that you are about to buy. Read what they say and agree or disagree with them. If the review is well written we are informed. Problems arise because:

- A great number of folks are insulted because the rest of the world doesn't agree with them and that reviews don't match their view.
- A pirate copy of an Amiga game is easier to like than a game which has cost 25. Many Amiga owners didn't worry about the cost but most reviewers took this into account.

Magazine reviews did have their problems, of course; influence from publishers, journalists out to make a name for themselves etc. But it soon becomes clear which magazine to trust.
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A great number of folks are insulted because the rest of the world doesn't agree with them and that reviews don't match their view.
Here's a comment I got on a review I wrote about KGB:
I think you just cant appreciate this game for some reason, so please dont review it.
I think this perfectly illustrates your point (which I perfectly agree with).

I'm always wondering why there are so few websites which review games these days. I love reading about games I already know regardless of whether I agree with the author's point of view or not. Reading reviews is also the only practical way to discover 'new old' games which I don't already know. And since there isn't any industry behind the games which are potentially interesting to me anymore, it's high time people started sharing their real views instead of only spreading the old 'professional' reviews (as interesting as they may be).
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is good. older and newer games for many systems can be reviewed.
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