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View Poll Results: Best Amiga Cracking Group
Crystal 21 10.99%
Fairlight 96 50.26%
Paradox 19 9.95%
Quartex 23 12.04%
Skid Row 22 11.52%
The Company 1 0.52%
Nemesis 1 0.52%
Oracle 1 0.52%
Ministry 0 0%
Scoopex 2 1.05%
Vision Factory 1 0.52%
Bamiga Sector One 3 1.57%
Classic 1 0.52%
Voters: 191. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 18 March 2011, 12:32   #121
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Horizon (Gaston) and Classic (Ringo Star) have to be considered when it comes to quality - Classic 100% fixed quite a few other groups screwups as well as cracking some nasty stuff themselves, and Gaston made a name for himself producing fast 100% versions for Horizon prior to his 'glory days' in FLT.
Also anything cracked by Eurosoft, no matter what group he was in at the time (from Lightforce through to SR) deserves a mention
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Old 18 March 2011, 12:56   #122
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Threads merged. Feel free to suggest new poll options
Off the top of my head Nemesis, Oracle, Ministry, Scoopex, Vision Factory, Bamiga Sector One should also get a mention.

Another few as they keep coming to me in my old age Agile, Genesis, Razor 1911, Fusion & Angels

Problem with a poll like this is that the crackers moved around so much, n.o.m.a.d was in about half of those mentioned at one point.

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Old 18 March 2011, 13:21   #123
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The more the merrier. Added.
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Old 20 March 2011, 10:00   #124
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Very disappointed the untouchable Classic aren't in the list!

Anthrox were another great group, they did more trainers than cracks though. I also liked Paranoimia, I hear a lot of people bag their cracks but personally I never had any problems with them.
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Old 20 March 2011, 10:02   #125
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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Very disappointed the untouchable Classic aren't in the list!
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Old 20 March 2011, 10:29   #126
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Thanks TCD.

This is as good opportunity as any to ask, what was Classic's problem with FLT?

Originally Posted by Zombi Trainer
A special fuck off and die to the biggest lamers on earth... Faglight.. Why don't ya return to the lame 64 and recrack some more releases?? Coz on the almighty Amiga, all you can do is fuck up!
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Old 22 March 2011, 02:25   #127
Mr B
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Best cracking group? I wouldn't know. I always made it a point to find games without a crackgroup intro, which pretty much meant i had no idea who's it was. Supposedly my favorite game is cracked by "TRSI & Zenith", being that it is K-240, v1.886. (v2.000 is supposedly released by Paradox, but i never "owned" that version.)
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Old 31 July 2013, 21:37   #128
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I was a member of 7 of these groups, including four of them in the top-5 (not Fairlight).

Voted Paradox.

Maybe they were not as permanent as Fairlight, and they had no obvious continuation story with the C64 - except that one of the initial leaders (Stinger) was the former leader of Transcom. Paradox finally became the most famous over time, was the most mediatized, broke true records, continuously reinvented the scenes (not only Amiga but also PC and consoles) and always pushed the limits beyond the borders.
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Old 26 July 2017, 06:27   #129
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I was Infiltrator of The Bones Brigade (TBB). My first work was on the game "Infiltrator" in 1986 on the C64. That's how I earned my tag in the group.

All I wanted to say is that there seemed to be a lot of competition between the groups and there was (some of it was pretty serious) but the majority of us were still friends in one way or another. We knew each other whether it was through couriers from differing groups, BBS's we would frequent together, local computer groups or a million other ways.

In the end, we were all friends all working on the same goal. We all wanted to ensure information was freely available to anyone that wanted it.

Someone wants a game and can't afford it, we'll crack it for them and get it to them. Someone wants information that is illegal to know in their country, we would find it and make sure they could get to it.

I know it seems like we were all at each other's throats but the truth is that it was mostly friendly competition between groups egging each other on to get to the finish line.

I voted Fairlight basically because I was jealous of their skills and courier network - but don't tell any of them

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Old 05 August 2017, 14:28   #130
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I rarely played cracks. I always loved to have the full retail package, the box, the manuals, posters etc, and I wanted to support Amiga developers (although I only used to think about that from about 94 onwards). Some friends in highschool always just had cracks but at my house it was the full experience
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