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Old 13 August 2011, 17:53   #21
Stuck in the 80s

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If I could afford it I'd send Toni a cake with a few women inside but I will have to send a fruit basket instead
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Old 14 August 2011, 16:58   #22
Amiga User

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WinUAE is the best, i remember way back in the past i always used the old WinFellow. But now i can't live without WinUAE anymore

Thanks Toni for all the hard work all these years, it's amazing you're still working on it and constantly improving it.
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Old 14 August 2011, 18:59   #23
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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
This thread should be gigantic! No words are enough to thank Toni for his amazing work with WinUAE.
Well said Akira, and I think it would be if was a sticky (wink wink nudge nudge)

Could be useful also to know which features users love the most and such...

I think the new Remap feature is excellent, for example
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Old 14 August 2011, 19:34   #24
Sending You Back In Time
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I have no idea what more he can do to Winuae....Its all there !!

Perhaps a few "Guru Meditations" wouldnt go amiss if you want total realism
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Old 14 August 2011, 22:44   #25
Amiga User

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Perhaps a few "Guru Meditations" wouldnt go amiss if you want total realism
Or the yellow "Recoverable Alert"
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Old 15 August 2011, 14:18   #26
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WinUAE is awesome because it lets me install OS3.1 from ADFs to a CF card in record time after pressing pause+end. :-D

Also general archival/retro archeology tasks are made easy when you can easily switch between different types of Amiga. WinUAE is more compatible than a real Amiga.. ;-)
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It's not enough to praise Toni's work he has done in WinUAE, it is so good the matter of fact is that WinUAE killed my Amiga
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Old 24 August 2011, 13:07   #28
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WinUAE is awesome because it made me discover a passion for this peculiar hardware architecture.
Once my amiga was turned on just with game floppies on boot. Now, I barely look at Amiga games.
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Old 26 August 2011, 04:04   #29
Leandro Jardim
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I want to give my two cents too.

WinUAE is the most complete emulator of all platforms. Since the begginning it rocked. Not to say, WinUAE did great improvements since Toni began in the project.

The features I most use in WinUAE is the AGA emulation to run Workbench in a mode that it can directly emulate the awesome native chipsets that this computer has.

That is 100% emulation, not any Picasso96 tricks. The WinUAE engine is sufficiently powerful to handle virtually all the tasks an original Amiga can handle, and even more.

Other features I am very happy to see are the printer support, sampler emulation, resolution switcher and the interlace remover. They are very handy and came in a good time.

And the WinUAE without input lag that Toni is testing with the help of Dr. Venom is probably the most desired feature since the first versions.

Good luck!

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Old 26 August 2011, 05:53   #30
The Ancient One
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Without any shadow of a doubt, WinUAE is THE most impressive emulator of any platform that I have ever seen, and it has advanced by leaps and bounds from the first versions I ever used (before Toni became "The Man"). I've got to tip my hat to him for both the quality he has brought to the project, and for his dedication to the effort over the years.

While I've been pretty inactive in my own fiddling with emulators for the past few years, I was once a fairly active member of the small army of beta testers that Toni invited to help uncover issues with the beta versions, and I always appreciated the level of attention he paid to any bug reports, as well as his patience in dealing with with incomplete information, and with suggestions that we occasionally offered.

Thanks for all your hard work on WinUAE, Toni! You've set a standard by which all other emulators should be judged, and that is no small accomplishment.
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Old 26 August 2011, 05:58   #31
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Thumbs up WinUAE = one of the best old-school computer emulators

WinUAE = win

Toni's ongoing commitment to Amiga emulation was one major inspiration for my port of (AMOS BASIC's) AMAL to Java.
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Old 26 August 2011, 11:39   #32
Local Moderator
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Toni made sure the Amiga will live forever!
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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Toni made sure the Amiga will live forever!

The latest releases are cool, loads of new features have been added of the last few months.

My favorite feature is the A590 emulation. Means I can emulate my second setup, from when I was a kid. Wasting your summer holidays on your Amiga, them were the days.
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Old 26 August 2011, 17:56   #34

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I haven't got enough space or bits to get my old Amiga up and running, so WinUAE has been a real life saver. Thanks!
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Yeah, thanks! I have relived many childhood memories through WinUAE.
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