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Old 18 November 2004, 11:26   #21
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arg again!!!! I wanted a pegasos badly, now i cant buy it ....

sorry for the developers

Hope this wont happen with os4 too, how do they earn any money at all??
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Old 19 November 2004, 05:46   #22
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Originally Posted by Korodny
Sure. But does it really matter what is missing?
Dear oh dear.

Of course it fecking does!!! When something fully worthwhile is available then maybe, just maybe...
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Old 19 November 2004, 10:05   #23
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A couple of questions from someone who doesnt know a thing about Amiga OS 4....

What will Amiga OS actually run on? A standard PC or a Mac or is there a new 'Amiga' coming out that its been written for?

If its a PC, then what is the Killer technology that will make me want to use it instead of Windows XP? (this was easy to answer in back in the day as the Amiga was so far ahead of any PC at the time when it came out)
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Old 19 November 2004, 13:00   #24
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It will run on AmigaOne *spit*
...and maybe on 1200&4000 with ppc

You can't use it instead of windows xp even if you want to.
Old 19 November 2004, 16:33   #25
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The normal version of OS4 won't run on A1200's or A4000's with PPC cards, you need to get a special version which will be released even later than the version made for AmigaOne, that is if they even get around to releasing it at all...

But yeah, A1 machines cost a stupid amount of money so I can't see anyone other than die-hards buying them as the Price to Performance and Usability ratio will be hysterically poor.
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