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View Poll Results: What is the best game of 1991?
Adventures of Robin Hood, The 1 1.89%
Alien Breed 0 0%
Another World (Out of this World) 5 9.43%
Armour-Geddon 0 0%
Barbarian II - Pandamonium/Psygnosis 0 0%
Birds of Prey 0 0%
Bonanza Bros 0 0%
Cadaver: The Payoff 0 0%
Castles 0 0%
Celtic Legends 1 1.89%
Centurion: Defender of Rome 1 1.89%
Chuck Rock 0 0%
Cruise for a Corpse 0 0%
Curse of Azure Bonds 0 0%
Darkman 0 0%
Death Knights of Krynn 0 0%
Deuteros 3 5.66%
Exile 0 0%
Eye of the Beholder 3 5.66%
First Samurai, The 0 0%
Gods 3 5.66%
Head Over Heels 0 0%
Heimdall 0 0%
Hunter 0 0%
James Pond II: Robocod 1 1.89%
Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker 0 0%
Kick Off 2: Final Whistle 0 0%
Killing Cloud, The 0 0%
King's Quest V 0 0%
Knightmare 0 0%
Leander 1 1.89%
Lemmings 3 5.66%
Logical 0 0%
Lotus Turbo Challenge II 0 0%
Magic Pockets 0 0%
Mega Lo Mania 1 1.89%
Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis 0 0%
MicroProse Golf 0 0%
Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight 3 5.66%
Populous II 2 3.77%
Power, The 0 0%
Prince of Persia 4 7.55%
Pro Tennis Tour 2 (Great Courts 2) 0 0%
Railroad Tycoon 0 0%
Rise of the Dragon 0 0%
Rodland 0 0%
Secret of Monkey Island, The 8 15.09%
Shadow Dancer 0 0%
Super Cars II 1 1.89%
SWIV 2 3.77%
Terminator II: Judgment Day 0 0%
Toki 0 0%
Turrican II 10 18.87%
TV Sports Boxing 0 0%
Utopia 0 0%
Wonderland: Dream the Dream 0 0%
Wrath Of The Demon 0 0%
Z-Out 0 0%
Voters: 53. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10 November 2004, 20:49   #1
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1991 Hall of Fame (voting time)

Well here it is, a huge list for me to type So many great games on this list, normally I have some idea of the front runners but with this lot its hard to pick out a clear favourite.
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Old 10 November 2004, 21:00   #2
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That wasn't an easy one. I would like Barbarian 2 - psy to have some votes but I can't do anything else than voting for Eye of the Beholder myself.
Old 10 November 2004, 21:12   #3
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tough call, but TURRICAN2 is my favorite...
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Old 10 November 2004, 22:41   #4
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is a masterpiece. closely followed by kick off2 final whistle, utopia, railroad tycoon, eye of the beholder, alien breed, cruise for a corpse and populous 2.
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Old 10 November 2004, 22:49   #5
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I voted Lemmings, purely because it is a game that I enjoyed, one I was desperate to complete, and one that spawned so many sequels & rip-offs which I also enjoyed playing. I'm not sure if it is my personal favouirte on the list, but I think it is more deserving of winning than anything else here.

On a technical level it was an Amiga first, it was more original than most on this list and it gave the Amiga crowd an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that it was eventually ported to basically every gaming system in the universe.

Out of all the games on this list this game is possibly the only one my mother has heard of.

And it also was the game that made some serious bucks for DMA Design, which in turn led to them founding Rockstar Games, which in turn led to GTA San Andreas

Jim (Resident GTA San Andreas Fanboy)
Old 10 November 2004, 23:12   #6
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I'll wait for Lemmings 2: The Tribes
Old 10 November 2004, 23:20   #7
Into the Wonderful

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Despite the vast amount of quality from 1991, the choice for me was easy
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Old 11 November 2004, 04:13   #8

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Ugh, that was a hard one to choose... even though GODS SUCKS

I voted for Another World, after thinking for a while, though I could have easily voted for Prince of Persia, Lemmings or Turrican 2... and you still have Rodland, MEgalomania, Monkey Islando, Robocod 2 and some others.

Who the hell picked Darkman and T2:Judgement Day for the list?
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Old 11 November 2004, 09:35   #9
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Super Cars II because it's one of the best 2p games ever. Turrican II follows closely...
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Old 11 November 2004, 12:52   #10
KO2 world champion
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really difficult....another world, monkey island, super cars II, lotus II,alien breed,cruise for a corpse,lemmings....
but i think i chose the game that is on my heart: Turrican II
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Old 11 November 2004, 13:15   #11
Into the Wonderful
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I'm glad I got in on this one.

Gods owns all.
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Old 11 November 2004, 13:26   #12
Lesser Talent
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A damn tough choice, these are getting harder and harder each time. I voted for Monkey Island although Lemmings was so close to edging it out.

Lotus 2 and Alien Breed came after those, such good games.
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Old 11 November 2004, 14:03   #13
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It's Centurion for me - 'cause it was one of my first (two) games ever
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Old 11 November 2004, 14:20   #14
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Just like 1990, one of the best years ever.. Hard choice. I voted for Monkey Island because it set the standards on adventure gaming, I could have chosen Lemminds or Another World and I'm shocked that manicx did not pick Turrican II!
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Old 11 November 2004, 21:19   #15
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utopia? prince of persia? aww i'm forced to to Eye of the Beholder, alas!
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Old 12 November 2004, 03:43   #16
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Dark... that took for ever to decide.

Turrican II was the choice. Runners up would have been

Alien Breed
Terminator II
Another World
Jimmy Whites
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Old 12 November 2004, 04:38   #17
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I don't get what is so special about Turrican II !

I knew before this poll even started that Turrican II would win, EAB is full of T2 fans ! Heck, I bet even RCK will vote for Turrican II as I think that's his favourite game too.

I don't get what's so special about it? OK, it had some OK music, graphics weren't so bad.

But it was just a 8-way platform game, where you could shoot in a straight line, or hold your gun and shoot in a circle. It had big levels, but was this a good or a bad thing? It was a good game, but it wasn't great, and it certainly wasn't special and seemed more preocuppied with following the Megadrive/SNES than innovating which is what Lemmings which I voted for did.

Whilst it's great to see the work Freakyweekywoo is doing, I hope the end result of all this is not the 10 Best Amiga Games, 1986-1996 or something. Even though it's an impossible task (I wouldn't want to do the work) I think the World Cup idea I suggested a year or so ago is a more interesting/fair/balanced approach?
Old 12 November 2004, 15:43   #18
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Well, personally it was the game to keep me glued to the screen most of all.
What I liked about it was it's versatility. First off there where a multitude of different and innovative weapons to choose from. Then that static laser beam thing you could twirl 360! Genius. Also you could roll into a ball and destroy way before Sonic was a thought. (and lay mines in the process) Then each level had some really good ideas implemented into it. I remember the level where you could shoot away bits of the background to form a sort of path - and if done correctly - taking good care not too destroy bits you needed - you could get to secret areas.

Then there was the (for me at least) unexpected space ship flying relief - which kinda helped break things up and not make things too repetitive.

The music needs little mention - as I think it's generally acknowledged to be at a high standard.

It's graphics where not really amazing, but somehow I felt it had character; and as said; it really captivated me at the time... but it's always hard to pick a favorite out of these. Lemmings was definitely more innovative - as was let's say Jimmy Whites or megalomania... but I played Turrican the most.
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Old 12 November 2004, 15:54   #19

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For me it was between AnotherWorld, Monkey Island, Populous II, MegaloMania, SuperCars II, Lemmings.....

Damn! Brain overload! Just close your eyes and choose one damn it!

Monkey Island. Just because a vote anywhere else isn't going to catch the almighty T2.
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Old 12 November 2004, 16:43   #20
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Well I voted for T2 just because I enjoy the mindless blast

I was gonna vote Lemmings or Mega lo Mania or EOB or ggez 1991 was such a great year
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