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dogfight 2

does anybody remember the game, 'dogfight 2'? it was semi- public domain and came to us from a company called 'deja vu' for a pound or two. ive found other games called dogfight but they are not the same. it was a top down experience with 8 aircraft (we usually crammed the fingers of 3 people around the keyboard and had 5 computer players). these aircraft ranged from things like super planes to the more arcane 'stringbags' of world war 1, super heroes like superman and even handgliders. i particularly remember the handgliders because now and again a demolition derby level came up where if you touched another aircraft you would die, and for handgliders they all start touching each other which made it tricky to survive.
i cannot find this game but it was so much fun in multiplayer that im sure somebody here will remember it. maybe it had a different name. we still have the disk im sure but i wouldnt know how to convert it into an adf. the name also suggests there was a prequel version. we bought it in 1990/1991.
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I remember this game. Used to play it all the time on with my brother (and other friends)

Some of the 'aircraft' were circular spaceships which I recall were almost impossible to use because it was very unclear about which direction you were orientated!

I can't find any mention about the game on the internet other than yours!

I also must have the disk somewhere. I could, with some considerable effort now - convert it to an .ADF file.

But demand doesn't seem that high in general

Sorry I've replied 14 years later.
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Now we wanna see the game
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Originally Posted by mattmc77 View Post
But demand doesn't seem that high in general
Yeah, bring it on man.
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uber cool demi god

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Interesting. Would be good to see the adf.
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This sounds very interesting, but are you sure it was an Amiga game?
If you have it in a disk, by all means, please upload it!
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