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Old 18 April 2011, 15:04   #161
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How about:

I'm sure some kid had nightmares after seeing these covers.
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I remember being very scared of only just watching Frankie Goes to Hollywood on the c64 eventhough I never really knew what the hell was going on in that weird little game. Also, Scarabeus on the same 64. The sound of closing in monsters while wandering though ancient lairs made everything very atmospheric. The only modern game that really got on my nerves is F.E.A.R., especially those sudden flashbacks spring to mind.
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Old 30 June 2011, 01:17   #163
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[ Show youtube player ]
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Waxworks and nothing more.
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Old 26 July 2011, 10:25   #165
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Rolling preview of Alien Breed 3D: [ Show youtube player ] I think it have better atmosphere, closer to 2D Alien Breeds.
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Old 27 July 2011, 22:34   #166
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Originally Posted by Warlock99 View Post
Old but scary Lucasart game originating from the Atari xl and c64. When the alien appears and starts beating the glass of your spaceship it scare the living shit out of ya!

Nice fractal generated graphics on this game, especially for the time. I wonder if a remake will ever appear.

I would always jump when the aliens jumped up and started beating on the window.

Another game of recent that i get the same feeling from is Minecraft. I love to go spelunking in the deep dark caves looking for ore, coal and diamonds and there is always those damned creepers that sneak up and explode on you. I always have to take my time and lay out torches where ever i go.

A game that to this day my buddy can't play is Stonekeep. He would jump every time one of the goblins would jump out.
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Old 09 May 2012, 09:38   #167
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Music in Droids: [ Show youtube player ] I'm happy that I had not this as small kid.
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Old 10 May 2012, 11:03   #168
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Earliest scary game for me was 3D Monster Maze on the ZX81 - lots of suspense there when you were told Rex was hunting you.

Next one would be the bit where the alien pops up on you and bangs on the screen in Rescue on Fractalus on the C64 - remember playing that in a darkened room the first time I saw it.

Agree with earlier post on It Came from the Desert to throw an Amiga game in.
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Old 12 June 2012, 23:40   #169
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I downloaded today old disturbing adventure game Cosmology of Kyoto [ Show youtube player ] It's game for Windows but desktop should be set to 256 colors.

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Old 12 June 2012, 23:56   #170
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I haven't read the whole thread, but if someone hasn't yet mentioned Amnesia: Dark Descent, then you guys should totally try it... with the lights off, and a good pair of headphones as it suggests.

I still to this day cannot play that game long after my first scare (which doesn't take long) and seeing the first shadowy type thing out of the corner of your eye just freaks the sh!t out of me :P
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Old 13 June 2012, 05:31   #171
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well frankie goes to hollywood was never a compreended game was about a computer caracter that wants to be a 100 per cent real person and for that has to deal with feelings and real things that were pasing back in the 80´s, also loved amiga night hunter very adictive, and favourite of oldies pc 7th guest and 12th hour,post times soul reaver and bloodomen for ps1 and ps2

about the game elvira i loved the chick always in my sleep dreams and darkseed was i think the some of the scaryest of those times but unfortunatly never played maybe now i will
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Old 25 July 2012, 02:07   #172
lee t
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AVP on the atari Jaguar was so scary. To hear the Predator now and then made you shit your pantslol. As it wisperd Come on.......Any time.great stuff and gripping remember playing until silly hours of the morning for weeks. Silent hill on the PSX made you feel you were in the nightmare great games as well. Res evil were pretty good but not that scary
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Originally Posted by Enverex View Post
Doom 3 is about as scarey as a FPS can be, lots of Resident Evil'esqe scenes to it but without the annoying RE camera angles
Agree DOOM 3

Last two levels before hell & hell itself which I could never defeat that insane creature.
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Old 25 July 2012, 11:28   #174
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Dead Space on the PS3 is the last scary game I've played, this game combined with [Large screen + 7.1 + Dark livingroom] always sent my heart raceing

Elvira on the miggy was the first scary game that I can remember playing.
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Old 21 August 2012, 08:08   #175
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Adventure game Plague of the Moon: [ Show youtube player ] Should be released also for Amiga.

This is a rare, very hard to find adventure game. The Shareware version (which is what I play here and appearantly sucked at) has nag screens, censored gore, little to no music and sound effects. The registered version (which is ultra rare) supposedly has a lot more features (including sound, music, full gore and no nag screens). You play Alucarda, daughter of a Witch who was burned at the stake. Your mother comes to you as a ghost and asks you to avenger her death, thus setting the story in motion. I probably would have played it more if I knew what I was doing back in the day. Overall it seems like a fairly good game considering it was made by just one person. A real labour of love.

This game scared me when I was a nine-year-old or so. I remember waiting until my parents weren't home to play this (along with other, better games, like Doom and Heretic). I seem to misremember it as having significantly better graphics than this...
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Old 21 August 2012, 10:15   #176
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Ive always had a taste for dark book/movies/games, so find the lack of good ones n the amiga a little disappointning. There's a few (already mentioned by other people), but not enough for my tastes. Something inbetween Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil should be doable on a moderately upgraded a1200 (or equiv. aga machine), not to mention '060/ppc + 3d gfx card users.
This isnt to say Id only like a Res. Evil style game as far as this theme goes, but it is something Ive always wanted to see.

Sanitarium (pc game from '98) is a fantastic games too in my opinion, and has a nice creepy atmosphere.
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Old 21 August 2012, 11:15   #177
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Slender is quite spooky.
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For me:

On Amiga:

- Mortville Manor
- Elvira 2
- It came from the desert (the atmosphere was really hard to deal with)
- Drakkhen (some hard monsters)
- Indiana Jones 3 (when you choose the wrong Holy Grail)
- Persian Gulf Inferno (more scary than spooky. ...just walking into the next screen, hearing the aggressive arab voices)
- The Colonels Bequest

On PC:

- Sanitarium
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Old 21 August 2012, 12:27   #179
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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Something inbetween Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil should be doable on a moderately upgraded a1200 (or equiv. aga machine), not to mention '060/ppc + 3d gfx card users.
True. RE1-like game should be doable on a 030 A1200. Even if it is with a slightly reduced screen. Some artistic frame, and stat bar and voila

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Sanitarium (pc game from '98) is a fantastic games too in my opinion, and has a nice creepy atmosphere.
Sanitarium is a terrific game. I have it installed still Thinking of playing it again from the beginning.
It has no extraordinary demanding graphics or effects. Should be doable on a fast RAM expanded A1200 just for the sheer ingame material (graphics and sound). Also fast RAM adds a significant speed boost.

Also it would have been great to see more horror adventures like Dark Seed.

Coulda woulda shoulda...
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Old 21 August 2012, 13:30   #180
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Never played a gamed a game yet that i would consider scary.
Played a few that have made me jump a bit EG: Slender/RE2 etc but don't consider this as a scare moment...Rather it's just a sudden loud sound/screen change thats designed to make you jump..It's a shock, not a fright.

The only game that came close for me was F.E.A.R but thats because i have a (possibly) irrational fear of freaky little wierd girls, In the same way that the only horror film that ever freaked me out (and trust me i've been watching horror films my whole life) was The Ring/2 same reason as F.E.A.R.
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