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Old 09 October 2004, 15:33   #1
Fred the Fop
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Yet another gaming platform with Oids

I never knew this, but Oids was also published for the macintosh. Poor little Amiga..no Oids.


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hmm is oids anything to to with zoids?

zoids was great on my spectrum. though i only played it a few weeks before i bought an amiga 500. i never fired up my spectrum ever again.
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I doubt it. Aren't zoids model robots? I used to have some as a kid hehe.
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you maybe right.

but zoids was great.
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Played this to death on my mate's ST back in the day. I even started writing my own version - Thrustoids. Like a lot of things though, I never finished it It was a bit crap anyway
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Old 28 November 2004, 00:07   #6
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Ah, Oids. The only reason to own an ST. Still, it's not as good as all the games which weren't released for the ST or were shit on it, is it?
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Old 28 November 2004, 01:53   #7
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Give the ST some respect, remember Dungeon Master? It came out alot earlier than on the Amiga, and If I remember well....most Amiga owners were jealous of the ST at that time. Most of my friends were!! Yes, Oids was a great game too. Two reasons to have an ST...

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Old 28 November 2004, 10:32   #8
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also a nice new version for OSX if you can't stand classic


were there any other atari-st exclusives? I'm not familiar with the platform *curious* there seem to be a lot of amiga ports sans copper effects...
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Old 28 November 2004, 11:14   #9

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Well rattus you could always refer to Fred's other Atari ST thread listing many exclusive games for the good old ST.

Bah, I miss the days of all-in-one computers.

Anyway, this reminds me of Galahads conversion thread, which finally resulted in a Super Sprint conversion attempt. Never was finished as far as I can tell.

Had an ST for nearly three years before buying the Amiga Batman pack. Great machine with a good scene and user base. Many early ST titles were better because the Amiga suffered poor conversions, often running slower too due to its lower clocked 68000. These games, like Falcon, Defender of the Crown, Dungeon Master, Xenon, Gauntlet, Barbarian, Super Sprint, Oids etc were fantastic on the ST, especially after jumping up from a Speccy! Left the ST at the right time though - after the Batman pack was when the miggy really started to shine....
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Old 28 November 2004, 18:39   #10
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Interesting Bloodwych, I remember all those games on the AtariST too. I'm sure Dungeon Master was more difficult on the ST. Did the Pink Worms Re-generate on Level 3? Falcon on the ST was too difficult for me, I couldn't land the F-16....but on the Amiga version I clocked up more than 400 merits points quite easy, the landing was far easier....very strange. Gauntlet , I remember playing the game in the Arcades for ages. Then suddenly one day I went down to the Arcades and their was Gauntlet II.....All my friends didn't know and we chose the characters as in the first game not realising that we could chose any of them on any controller. Gauntlet on the AtariST looked Amazing....I mean really amazing for it's time. It was a pity is was soooooo slow when the screen was filled with monsters...but the graphics WOW!! Super Sprint & Xenon were great too. I actually liked Xenon II on the ST more than the Amiga.

For all you crackers out their....Did anyone manage to crack Dungeon Master Original Release version for the AtariST. People said it was too difficult. I know the Amiga version was crackable....I am talking about the Original Release AtariST Version. I remember my father trying to crack it, it would keep spinning the drive and doing some very strange behaviour. Sometimes it would ask for the Original Dungeon Master disk to be inserted. It was so strange...you might be going down a corridor and it would spin the drive, then spin again, then do it when a torch goes out...My father said it was the best protected game. We bought the Original, definitely one of the best games for the ST. BTW, I bought alot of original games!!

Funny, I didn't have a speccy but I played Gauntlet on it. It was actually pretty good too.

Yeah your right Bloodwych, at some point you had to let the ST go. A great machine, but the Amiga was getting ever so popular. They are both great machines...
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