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Probs with Dopus 416!

I am running an exact copy of my A1200 hard drive through Winuae. After using Diskmaster2 for ages, i decide to give Dopus 4.16 a try. One of the main reasons being that DM2 needs to open a new screen & I like the idea of having Dopus open on the workbench screen. After dowloading from aminet, starting Dopus gives the error:

Directory Opus
Program failed (error#8000000B)
Wait for disk activity to finish

After clicking suspend, i can find a newscreen behind workbench with the Dopus toolbar but thats it. No amount of mouse clicking reveals anything.

I have tried it in my AIAB setup, and it works fine. Could there be something on my original A1200 setup which is stopping Opus from running? I have also tried with and without picasso. I have also checked there is nothing to do with opus anywhere in workbench.

I have no other problems with my setup. all games and apps run fine. I am thinking there may be an assign or commodity Dopus does not like.

Any Ideas before i start the long process of elimination ?

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Old 12 September 2004, 04:14   #2
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8OOOOOOB Type: Deadend
Subsystem: CPU
General: General fault
Specified: Line 1111 Emulator error
ShowGuru: OP CODE 1111. Illegaler OpCode. Hier könnte
auch ein Befehl verwendet worden sein, der nur
von einem 68O2Oer oder 68O3Oer verstanden wird.
Dieser führt dann beim 68OOOer zum Absturz.
LastGURU: Bur error

Babelfish says it's cpu related but it was pretty obvious
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is says that the instruction received by the CPU is of another type then the CPU inside the machine... e.g. a 68030 only instruction was received when there is a 68020 proc only in the machine... that instruction can't be processed so... *crash*
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What an idiot. I had not realised i was using workbench 3.0 (39.29) with a kickstart 3.1(40.068) Never thought this would cause a problem, but it did. Put my original rom (39.106) in winuae and voila. Job sorted.

Is this incompatibility due to winuae or dopus or have i just been lucky? I was sure that when i put my 3.1 chips into my 1200 that i upgraded WB at the same time. I clearly did not and just got lucky that everything still worked.

Time to pull out the old A1200 and ADF my 3.1 disks

Thanks for the replies.


After all that, It seems i have a broken rom file 40.068.

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