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launching WinUAE

i've written a small batch file to launch WinUAE in emu mode, using a certain config (not too difficult i hear you say), but does anyone know if there is a windows menu app, that will allow me to choose which config i want to load...

so i could structure a menu to:-

display a text list of amiga titles then,...
display a scan of the software's box
display a small paragraph of text
a "back" and "start" option

this would be a pre-launcher for people who just want to go straight into the amiga app/demo/game, by-passing WinUAE options.

a long shot i know, but someone must have thought of this already.
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Old 24 September 2001, 10:32   #2
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Why so complicated ? Just create a config file for each game and name it like the game. Then launch WinUAE and double click on the game name you want to play.

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yes, that would be simple, but i want to have a VERY user friendly interface with a scan of the original box and maybe a screen grab, probably some text would be involved!

so it would actually look like a professional package!
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Old 30 September 2001, 01:07   #4
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Uhhh, that would be like writing a GUI for a GUI not very usefull IMO but if it some to coding details, you can all code that VERY easy with VB, but I doubt it´s worth the try ....
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Old 02 October 2001, 09:46   #5
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Friend of mine did something similar for MP3 ripped CDs... nice Internet Explorer browser and all the album covers... select pic and album plays in WinAMP.

This was all controlled via an IR keyboard on a nice 47inch TV..... through a nice DolbyDig amp too....

Your idea sounds worth a go....let us know if U get it up... some pix would be nice!
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Uhhh, that would be like writing a GUI for a GUI
So what, RetroMan?
Actually, Gamebase64 is nothing else: a GUI for another GUI (e. g. VICE Win32). And I don't want to miss it anymore because finally I don't have to mess with the menus inside the emulator anymore.
I'd highly appreciate an application like Gamebase for the Amiga emulators one day. This would be perfect.
But Hitoro still doesn't have the time to code it seems...
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Old 04 October 2001, 00:54   #7
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Djay, have you tried Emuland http://gmaxstudios.retrogames.com)? It's not just for Amiga emulators, but certainly worth checking out.
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