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Old 25 August 2004, 21:59   #1
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Big grin Amiga Joystick on XBOX (Great for Emulating :D)

Imagine using your Zipstick or Comp Pro on your XBox and UAE-X

Imagine no longer


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Old 25 August 2004, 23:34   #2
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hehe, altho i wish someone did a retail jobby
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Old 25 July 2008, 20:00   #3
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First of all I know this thread is ancient.
Anyway, I got one of the big old "duke" controllers at the local EB Games/Gamestop.
Soldered in the 9pin dsub connector and plugged in my old trusty WICO bat handle joystick (until I get an Arcade Turbo or Konix Speedking).
Everything works like a charm, also in WinXP using the XBCD drivers.
Now, this joystick has 2 buttons and I would like to be able to use both, so does anybody know where I have to solder the extra wire in the XBOX controller to make that happen?
I must say that it's great to be able to play Amiga and C64 games again with a "proper" joystick.
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Old 25 July 2008, 21:06   #4
Sune Salminen
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Are you sure those two buttons aren't in fact "the same button"?

On all of the joysticks from the time of the Amiga and C64 that I remember, the multiple buttons were not separate buttons. They were just placed there for you to use the one that was most comfortable to you. For example, left-handed players might want to use a different button than right-handed players.

I know the Amiga supported sticks with two separate buttons though.
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Old 25 July 2008, 23:09   #5
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There's a switch on the joystick where I can make it act as a secondary button.
It used to be pretty convenient when playing Project-X on real Amiga, instead of hitting space I could use the secondary button when choosing power-ups.
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Old 25 July 2008, 23:42   #6
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Smart but yeah i probably wont be trying that.

The chances of there ever being an adaptor are very low what with there being only so many modded machines.I guess it wont ever happen which is a shame
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