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Old 22 August 2004, 10:13   #1
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HD Replacement for A590

Greetz from NZ,

Ive wanted to replace the HD in my A590 from the existing 20M seagate
(ST 325N) to something bigger...
Today i got a Seagate ST12400N Fast (Hawk 2)SCSI
And i'm having trouble gettin it to work ... 8(
If any one out there can help ......
My system is an A500 + A501 + A590 2Meg +workbench/kick 1.3

HDTool box wont read the config from the HD ??

Any help for a n00b or any FAQs you could point me to would be great

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Old 22 August 2004, 11:18   #2
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This might be of some help: http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/amine...lp/a590faq.txt
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Old 29 August 2004, 03:28   #3
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So far.....

so after looking around at various specs that always are missing something,
i think i have sorted it....
For HDToolBox (with Seagate ST-12400n) we have 3 fields:
Cylinders: 2621
Heads : 19
Block per Track: ?? 82 ?? (was the unknown on specs...)

At the moment i have 3x partitions (1x 50M, 1x 999M, 1x 980~M)
1st partition works well ... Formatting other 2...
before i had a number for blocks/track i seemed to be getting "wrap-around.?"

Also there are 2x sets of jumpers for the address on HD, i had better luck
using the ones on the front (near the LED)......address 6

Anyways, hope this helps anyone out there with an A590....

ROMS in the sidecar are 6.6 - so it should be able to handle ~4GigHD???

The ST-12400N is a taller HD (more platters) but it seems as though
it will fit in the A590 - just the threads on the hex-stand offs are wider

Now to try a SCSI cdrom daisy-chained to the whole shebang....


A500-REV6.1 + A590-2Gig + 2.5Meg RAM + (soon) 1Meg ChipRam.. + Kick1.3

Old 30 August 2004, 08:48   #4
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1 MB Chip Ram up-grade using the A501 Exp. (Fast--->Chip)
wont work when i hookup A590HD+2MB just get the grey screen at bootup

???? ...... dammit.

I was gonna populate the spare ram sockets on the A500 Mobo
with some ram swiped from another , but dont know if this would be wise
if i cant use it with my HD....

Anybody know any work-arounds etc???.....Thanx
Old 19 September 2004, 18:59   #5
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I just picked up a 4.3 gig Seagate Cheetah and 2 meg worth of mem chips for my A590 so I'm formatting the drive now... I used HDInstTools from Aminet because the A590 setup disk wasnt reading my drives config... formatting now... this will take a while :P

I also got a 40xSCSI cd-rom and an old power supply and have the SCSI connector for the CD-rom so I will be trying to get this going next.
Old 19 September 2004, 20:41   #6
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The A590 works fine with 1MB CHIP.
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Old 19 September 2004, 20:42   #7
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Unregistered, use quick format, not regular format. Also, make sure you only use under 4GB of the drive. (computer gigs, that is 4096MB)
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Old 20 September 2004, 03:25   #8
Workbitch 1.3

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Thanks Jope.... I was the Unregistered guest
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