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View Poll Results: Do you use WHDLoad? If not, why?
Yes - I've registered 109 50.70%
Yes - but I haven't registered 51 23.72%
No - It's too expensive 6 2.79%
No - Unavailability of the original/images files is a problem 7 3.26%
No - I only have a standard A500 0 0%
No - I prefer ADFs 16 7.44%
No - other reason 19 8.84%
What is WHDLoad? 7 3.26%
Voters: 215. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 23 October 2001, 14:51   #41
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Yeeha. A couple of hundred is pretty cool

Gonna check it out now
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Old 23 October 2001, 14:55   #42
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Only about a hundred have detailed info though... :-( Just what was on my hard disk at the time.
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Old 23 October 2001, 15:01   #43
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I checked it out and I think it's good, but I have a simple mind
Old 09 July 2004, 02:32   #44
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Finally got around to voting. Yes I do. Yes it's registered.
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Old 09 July 2004, 04:35   #45
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I've installed and registered WHDLoad, its a WUBBLY TOOL! For anyone who are saying they dont have enough memory. its TIME TO UPGRADE! Hard disks and memory expansions on the amiga arent going for anything now, all you need is a 2- 4 gig 2.5" hard disk and yer in heaven! oh and an accelerator or memory expansion, brilliant!

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Old 09 July 2004, 18:28   #46
Space for rent
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Registered WHDLoad rocks .

I have hundreds of WHDLoad games on my miggy (thanks to Decreator!) and i think WHDLoad is awesome. The only thing i can say to the people who have done the installs is thank you ( Codetapper Galahad ) OK, i have seen a few installs which doesnt work any good for me, but who cares?
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Old 09 July 2004, 20:48   #47
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Yes - I've registered

and it was the best decision I have made. Nearly all my games are now on harddisk.
No longer endless disk waiting, no more AGA games that can't handle a 31 kHz Workbench,
no AGA/020+ version that crashed due to a moved VBR or simply not enough free chip mem.
Just click'n'run.

And it simply makes fun to develop for:
- All the nasty stuff is done and you start in a clean environment.
- MMU support: easy detection of access faults or selfmodifying code
- An adapted debugger with special commands for WHDLoad: if you write a trainer for example, you simpy
write protect a value and an access fault later you get the modifying instruction, couldn't be easier.
- You get source to utilize a kickstart, which is enough for many dos games and you install them in a couple of minutes.
- You get install templates: 5 minutes to adapt and you have a nice installer.
- Tools to read non standard disks.

@Cody: 850 game installs ? you can nearly double this: around 1600 game installs
another point is that there are at least 8 translations of the manual for people without english knowledge

@Korodny: the problem with Hollywood Poker Pro not finding pictures is a bug in the game which occurs with the disk, too:
you have 5 pictures from full dress to nude, if the girl strips and you win the pot you get the next picture, if the girl strips twice
and you win the pot you get the second next picture and so on. At this point the game forgets to check if there is more than one picture left:
if you're at the fourth picture and she strips twice the game wants to load a non existant sixth picture.
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Old 10 July 2004, 00:02   #48
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Yes of course!!! I`m a registered WHDLoad addict. I can only say that there are not many stuff that is worth for registration. But WHDLoad is the number one tool of all times for me. What a brilliant idea to write a programm like this.

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Old 10 July 2004, 00:13   #49
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no comment
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Old 10 July 2004, 00:16   #50
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I don't use it cause I don't use a real Amiga.

With emulation I mainly emulate old A500 games I used to enjoy. (yes I know WHDLoad works with UAE).

With the exception of Monkey Island I generally didn't like loadsadisk games, because:

1 - You needed to buy/steal/recycle/scrounge several blank disks to copy them
2 - I hated disk swapping that many times

So therefor I never really collected games with more than 3 disks, except on rare occasions when I heard the game was really good or had managed to sell enough fake pot (nutmeg) to knobheads at school and could buy some floppies !

As Monkey Island has no replay value for me anymore I tend to stick to 1/2 disk games.

I actually think swapping virtual ADF disks enhances the old-time experience !
Old 10 July 2004, 01:08   #51
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Registered and love it
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Old 10 July 2004, 11:19   #52
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one of the reason i don't use it much is that i can't use savestate or actionreplay. apart of that i have no issue about it.
minor ones are that games fill hd fast and trainers are cut off, but that are just matter of my personal taste and use of winuae.
whdload is a cool software still.
i have already discussed elsewhere about the fact that i have no particulary simpathy for it being not free, as for principle not for any other reason: i understand the big work behind it and i respect the fact that creators should decide in perfect freedom how to charge their works. so no problem, still i'll never register.
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Old 10 July 2004, 12:08   #53
calm down do how.
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Thumbs up

Okey guys,
I'm a registered user finally.

My first vote is "Yes - but I haven't registered", but now it's "Yes - I've registered". Consequently, poll results will changed.

Any moderator can change my vote to second?

Thanks to all of WHDLoad team.
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Old 10 July 2004, 12:57   #54
Graham Humphrey
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I use WHDLoad, but I haven't registered yet! I will do one day, honest!

It's brilliant though, I would use it more but my HD is a bit small, and of course the problem of not being able to find many original games - they are SO hard to find (though I have installed some of the ones I've got).

I really want to play Dynablaster again but obviously the copy I downloaded was
a cracked copy and it wouldn't work.

Apart from that though, it's great!
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Old 10 July 2004, 13:59   #55
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Originally Posted by rgen
@Cody: 850 game installs ? you can nearly double this: around 1600 game installs
I don't think anyone has yet realised that I dug this thread up from 2001 and replied to it! A lot has changed since then so Cody's info was not wrong for the time!

Everyone acted as though it was a new thread! magic!
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Old 10 July 2004, 15:16   #56
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Not registered (still not) and I don't plan to do this unless I can convince myself to buy me an A1200.
I am definitely not going to register for mere emulator use, because I only need it for testing; for if I really can't get a game to work from ADF, I use WHDload for grabbing screenshots for HOL, for instance.

For emulator users, WHDload has IMO lost a bit of attractivity because of CAPS. Whilst people were mainly using WHDload to play from originals, they can now use CAPS versions for this purpose, fire up the IPF and start playing.
For REAL Amigans, WHDload is still top-notch and very important.

This should explain why I'm still refusing to register.
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Old 10 July 2004, 16:19   #57
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Andreas can't agree with your statement on emulator use with CAPS image, I prefer to make the whdload from the CAPS image as the WHDload install usually provides a high score save, etc where the original may not plus why would you want to write back to an IPF !

Anyway on a different note how are you getting on with those CD's !
Old 10 July 2004, 16:30   #58
Dr. Dude
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I use Whdload one's a wile, but i like ADF more
whit a few tricks you even can make a original whit copy protection in to a ADF and run it in fancy WinUAE
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Old 10 July 2004, 16:38   #59
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I've voted no - other reason. I've got one game installed that I almost don't play, and the reason I am not using it more and perhaps even registering it is because my stock A1200 with 2 MB ram don't seem to be able to pull most of the games which all seem to need some amount of FastRam. Without a ram extention I can't play the games. If I ever get around to finding an expansion I'll likely end up buying WHDload.
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Old 10 July 2004, 18:22   #60
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Originally Posted by killergorilla
I don't think anyone has yet realised that I dug this thread up from 2001 and replied to it! A lot has changed since then so Cody's info was not wrong for the time!

Everyone acted as though it was a new thread! magic!
hey KillerApe: i did realized that but i signed in 2002, so my post was due (well more or less)... that just make me think of internet time and how it runs faster or slower depending to the point of referement
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