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Old 14 August 2004, 11:14   #1
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GamebaseAMY contribution rules

Please have a look at the following page, http://gba.abime.net/contributions.php, and let me know what you think. (thanks I'm all thumbs)

I'd like to get feedback now as to whether I've gone a bit nuts on all the rules before I set them in stone.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and don't hold back I can take it

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The Sacred Armour Of
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Link fixed!
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Old 14 August 2004, 13:55   #3

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great page !

some remark:
- there is no <title>
- it's "Hall Of Light" and not "Hol Of Light"
- contact me to have one email @ abime.net
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Old 14 August 2004, 15:32   #4
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Location: Adelaide / Australia
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Thanks RCK

My thumbs strike again. Changed Hol of Light to Hall of Light
Also fixed the title (thanks)

Have PM'd you
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Old 15 August 2004, 05:43   #5
Got the fever back
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Look Great. I agree with the need for consistancy across the board. A set of standards will be instrumental to ensure that we do the best we can. I would like to chat with you about it though and go over it so I understand everything correctly. E-mail me if you have an MSN Messenger account or something.
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Old 15 August 2004, 12:45   #6
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HOL, CAPS and many other sites have their own rules for the submission of scanned images. If you wish to use those images, please ensure they meet the afore mentioned criteria. If they exceed it you can convert it using your favourite paint program or submit it to me for conversion. Please do not submit any images that fall short of this criteria.
It would be preferable to ask for permission rather than just assuming that because a scan matches your criteria you can use it. I know CAPS have stated in the past that any scans in their project can be freely used in others but not every project will have the same rules.
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Old 15 August 2004, 13:14   #7
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You are of course correct Idoru. I will update the page to make sure people understand that. HOL however have stated to numerous people in the past that using their images is not a problem. CAPS don't even have them available for download so they're pretty hard to get
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Old 25 August 2004, 14:15   #8
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Location: Adelaide / Australia
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The GamebaseAMY web site is back up with the contribution rules. There were only a few minor changes from what was originally put up. Namely

1) Trainers are preferred ONLY if they can turned off
2) A section has been added for advertisements
3) Cheatcodes MUST be tested before being submitted
4) Some stupid mistakes I made

The website is by no means complete. I'm just miles behind where I wanted to be by now

There will be no updates for a few weeks as I am going on holidays (vacation for you Americans) on Saturday. I will be in Turkey for 3 weeks and will resume work all refreshed when I get back
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