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Old 14 July 2004, 00:44   #21
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Just a little note about Tekken 3.

Go for the Japan version it got some nice cutscenes censored in US & EU.
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Originally Posted by Galaxy
Speedball 2100

(Although I still reckon SB2 is better)
Much as a like SB and I did buy SB2100 its not a great game. Its a thumb destroying torture. SB2 on Amiga with joystick was MILES better!
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Wild 9
All Wipeout games
WWF Smackdown 1 + 2
Any good beat em up conversions (King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Darkstalkers, etc.)
GTA 2 (don't like the first one)
Tenchu Assassins
Quake 2
Any good horror survival games - the Playstation really put them back on the market - Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Silent Hill, and so on.
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And try to stay clear of Castlevania Chronicles. I found that a bit too bland. Looked a little worse than an Amiga game, and the C64 version of the old Castlevania had more gameplay.
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Old 15 July 2004, 08:28   #25
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I played Gran Turismo (1) and NFS Porsche yesterday. Both are good but I think Gran Turismo is much better...
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I really can't understand how someone can enjoy Parappa the Rapper. I mean, it's just a matter of pushing a sequence of buttons shown on the screen. It manages to be more boring than making combos on Tekken 3.

Oh, and I agreee, X2 kind of sucks. I could list a dozen of thing that's wrong with it.

Here is my personal fav list of PSX games:

Metal Gear Solid - I guess I don't need to say much.
Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Amazing stuff.
Winning Eleven 2002 - Well.. it feels so dated now with Winning Eleven7/Pro Evolution Soccer 2, but well, if you only have a PS1, that's the best soccer game you can get for it.
Jackie Chan Stuntmaster - This is the closest thing you will get to a progressive beat'em up. Still it's more than that, it's a very cool game which only crime is to be a little too easy. If you are a JC fan this is obligatory .
Micro Machines V3 - One of the most played games at my home for sure. It's nice on single player mode, but it's just the most awesome multiplayer game ever.
Bloody Roar 2 - Much like WE2002, it feels dated now with Bloody Roar 3 and 4, but on an PS1, it's the best 3D fighter you can get. It piss on Tekken 3's face.
Destruction Derby 2 - Gran Turismo is too slow and NFS Porsche has very uninspired tracks (But it's cool on 4 players mode). I personally think that's the best racing game the PS1 has to offer. Only big shame it's that it lacks a 2 player mode.
Metal Slug X - It's so widely known by now...
Die Hard Trilogy - It's 3 games on one, and all games rule a lot. Stay away from the sequel though.
Driver - Very cool driving experience, though it gets a little to repetitive some times. Stay away from the sequel too, it's horrible.

And much like Akira, I also a sucker for shmups. so instead of just cluttering the above list with them, I'll list the shmups I know in order I think you should get them:

Gradius Gaiden
Thunder Force 5
Strikers 1945 II
Gekioh/Shienryu (Though the saturn version is better)
R-Type Delta
The Shooter: Space Shot
In The Hunt
The Game Paradise 2
Sol Divide.

Erm.. actually, from "Ray Crisis" below I think you should pass. Raycrisis is still enjoyable for some, but the rest is pretty much crap.
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