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MegaCD help wanted!

I soon will be the proud owner of a MegaCD to go will the megadrive in the bedroom...

the only games which i ever had back in the day, were sewer shark and the ones that came with the console...

i prompty sold my original MD and MCD to traded up to the PSX...


can anyone advise on some games to get...

and does anyone know what titles are available for it?

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Well a few weeks ago I got a Mega CD as well..

Here are the games I got with it.

Final Fight - This game is great on the Mega CD Ive been playing it quite a bit recently. Its a lot better than the Amiga version. Its goes for around £20 - £25 on ebay though..

Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure. - Havent tried it yet.

Road Avenger - 'Dragons Lair' type cartoon game. Couldnt get into it myself but the graphics is quite nice.

Afterburner III - This is good fun and reminds of G-Loc more than anything. Has got speech too.

Sherlock Holmes.. - Solve the Murder game. I have only looked at it as its not my thing but it has loads of speech.

I think Ive also got Fifa 99 and a basketball game plus one other but the name escapes me at the moment.

edit: last game I got was called Tomcat Alley.. Its another 'Dragons Lair' type game but a bit more interactive. Also has nice graphics - like a playable Top Gun.
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Sonic CD, go get it now. This game is one of the best games on the system, along with Final Fight CD.

Wolfchild is also a game that I'd recommend, good fun at least.

However, most megaCD games were just 'upgrades' of normal megadrive games but with some shitty fmv and maybe a new soundtrack.

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Batman Returns - Forget about the platform sections which are just the same as the md ver, the batmobile nd boat levels are excellent! (and you can configure the game to just play the driving sections)

Ecco the Dolphin (no sniggering please) - Almost identical to the md version, but the cd audio is excellent and really adds to the game

Final Fight - As BB says it's a great (but relatively expensive game) best home conversion there is.

Keio Flying Squadron - not exactly pushing the hardware to the limits but it's a nice fun horizontal shooter

Road Avenger - as BB says, it's a dragon's lair type game where you have to press the right controls at the right time, however once you get the hang of it it's quite addictive

Silpheed - It's basically galaga but with an fmv background, although you can crash into the scenery, it's an excellent shooter that looks good and plays fast.

Sonic CD - Excellent game

Thunderhawk - although like the amiga version this is made by core, the games play nothing like each other, the mcd ver is quite fast and fun and one of the few games that made use of the mcd's sprite scaling and rotation abilities.
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My personal MD CD Favs.

- Snatcher
- Dune
- Sol-Feace
- Silpheed
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tnx for nfo everyone...

i remember seeing Sonic CD rolling demo (just before getting PSX)... i will be getting that!!! but it sells for bucket loads on the bay of e!

included with the megacd is a:-
master system adaptor
road avenger
cobra command
arcade classic cd
plus extras (md games i already have and some master system games)

i'm also bidding on:-
sewer shark
prince of persia
eye of the beholder

are there any un/official hardware addons to look out for?
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Hello neighbour.

The best of the bunch were probably Final Fight CD, Batman Returns (as previously said only for the driving) and Ecco CD (as said before the music was very atmospheric and suits the game perfectly). Keio Flying Squadron and Silpheed offer adequate SHMUP action as stated previously.

Battlecorps by Core wasn't too bad. It was quite slow (down more to game desing than the Mega CD's abilities) but it used scaling and rotation to good effect.

Robo-Aleste was okay, I think better than Sol-Feace. It's not one of Compile's best but there isn't much better SHMUP action on the Mega CD.

Bari-Arm and Lords of Thunder are not exaclty groundbreaking SHMUPS but they are no worse than Sol-Feace. If I remember rightly, they seemed very much like Megadrive cart ports with CD music, but then so did many of the non-fmv games.

Or you could go to http://www.zonesega.com/consoles.php3?console=MegaCD and download what they have to offer (they have Saturn iso's too), which changes regularly, or used to anyway and download them and then burn them onto a CD making sure that the MP3's are burnt as CDDA. They should work as the Mega CD had no hardware protection for reading CD's as CD burners were not about back then.

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Snatcher, definitely. Imagine a 7 hour long interactive anime based on Bladerunner. Man, I love this game.
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The Sega CD is full of "Dragon's Lair" type of game.

This is what I recommend for the Sega CD:

Snatcher - Usually regarded as a "childish" version of the MSX original (Less gore, more "family-friendly" and a different ending), up until the MSX version was translated, it was the only way of playing this game if you didn't speak japanese. Still an awesome game.

Formula-1: Beyond the Limit: One of my fav racing games of all time. It's a big shame it's so unknown, it's a great racing game. No other game can make you "feel" like you are in the F1 circus like this one.

Sonic CD: Great stuff.

Heart of Alien: The sequel to Another World. Owning a Sega CD is the only way to play this game (I cant understand why it was a Sega CD exclusive), and if you liked Another World, you surely will like this. (I know where you can download this one, but dunno if I should post a link)

Shining Force CD - I don't like RPGs too much, but the original Shining Force was the 1st RPG to get me, and I just love the series. If RPGs and turn-based strategy games is your cup of tea, go for it.
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Lunar! Definitely teh finest RPG for the system.
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If you really desperate for Final Fight I will sell my copy for £20 + £1.67 p&p recorded delivery. I will also throw in Tomcat Alley (no box or instructions) as well
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