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Speaking of SWIV in the Favourite Shoot Em Up thread.

Does SWIV stand for Silkworm 4 or something else? I remember a thread on AEN where Samurai (?) said it stood for something else, but I can't find the thread

The reason I ask is because I was talking to someone on IRC (who shall remain nameless...His initials were |cyCool ) and he said SWIV is in fact Silkworm 4.

Can anyone clear it up?
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Maybe this URL brings some light on the subject.


As it says the jump to number 4 was to follow Lucas' way of numbering episodes.

The license he talks about i suppose belonged to Tecmo (who at the moment are thinking to something more "bouncy" ).

If you scroll down the page, you'll read about a photo in which he and Rob Wittttaker (as he writes it) are dressed after the characters of Rodland. If someone has that pic, please post it.

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What i understand from his sentence is that in the game it should have been Silkworm IV, but they could not use it so they had to think of an alternative way of writing it.

They came up with the SWIV then they had to invent an acronym it adapted to, so they came up with Special Weapons Interdiction Vehicles (that is camp #3) and put that in game while everybody in the development team knew the correct sentence should have been Silkworm IV (camp #1).
That's what i understood from the page, but who kows ... :laugh .

PS - While i was searching for swiv i found an interesting variation in a cheats site : SWIV Sandworm 4 :laugh :laugh (makes you think it is a sequel to Dune 2 )
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SWIV = SilkWorm IV = SilkWorm In Vertical
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