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Old 16 January 2004, 12:09   #21
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Originally posted by manicx
Why don't you try to attend any KO2 tournaments in England then? The UK championships will take place in May, probably in Nottingham. You don't have to play, you can just pop in, say hello and have a few pints with the guys.
Because I haven't really played in since Sensi was released and as I said, I much prefer Sensi - although beer always sounds good. Now if you know of any Sensi tournaments...
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There's one in Denmark and another one in Yugoslavia. The former is on Amigas, the later on PCs. I suppose there should be a few in the UK, maybe google can give an answer.
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Old 05 October 2004, 14:35   #23
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I just read this thread and the link still works, in the article it says:

July 1989 – Kick Off is released on the Amiga. An overhead-view football game set at the same camera height as Microprose Soccer and also featuring swerve shots
(bold print is mine)

I dont remember Kick off one having swerve shots, I though after touch was a Kick Off 2 option.

I dont really care about the which is better argument, that will run forever. But if your going to write 'the true, documented, undisputed, historical FACTS of the matter.' shouldnt you get them right to start with?
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Old 06 October 2004, 09:12   #24
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Actually, the whole argument is not true. Aftertouch, which is different to swerve shots was introduced in Kick Off - Extra Time, not the original Kick Off. I will soon write a topic about the secrets of KO, which is going to be a brief analysis of some things we discovered on the disassembled code of KO2. All these thingies lead to different versions, different cracks, different perceptions and so on. Things are still under investigation tho, so I can't post anything in here yet.
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Old 06 October 2004, 11:23   #25
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I'm looking forward to that manicx. It is true that the version you play does alter the expereince of playing KO2 considerably. The Final Whistle data disk for example changes the gameplay no end, to the extent that if we accidently booted up with the original KO2 disk first we'd have to re-boot as the original KO2 just wasn't upto scratch. Cracks also effect the expereince, Galahad's WHDload crack really doesn't seem to be the same as the original floppy game. It's hard to say why but graphic glitches, strange behaviour etc. distract somewhat.
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Old 06 October 2004, 19:47   #26
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Hmm, sounds kinda interesting. Might read the outcome of your investigations manicx......well if I have time to divert my attention from SWOS
Old 08 October 2004, 15:35   #27
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I've never been a Sports game fan but I did enjoy SWOS. However even from a non-Sports game players' point of view, Kick Off is pants.
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Originally Posted by squirminator2k
However even from a non-Sports game players' point of view, Kick Off is pants.
Well, that settles it then.
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