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Originally posted by Akira
Bro, I htink you ran Ruff n Tumble in your A1200 or something, because in my A600 it slowed down like hell, besides the bloody sprite flickering!! So it's far from a "technical prowess" I say. Fine game, yes, but not brilliantly programmed IMO.
I guess you are right, I ran it on A1200. :hoo
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what bout platform games released after `94

surely someone must recall some hot titles!
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Originally posted by JudasEZT
I guess you are right, I ran it on A1200. :hoo
That means I must try this beast on my 1200! However I remember my disk version not running in it. I hope there is a WHDLoad version of it!
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Yes there is!

It's in the zone.
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Killer, ta very muchly!
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Old 10 January 2004, 13:17   #46
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some more platforms near 1994:

Land Of Genesis
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Old 11 January 2004, 22:29   #47
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I have no problems running Ruff'n'Tumble on my A1200 as long as I use TUDE to go to 1.3 rom and ECS graphics.

I mostly played P.P. Hammer on the C64, thought the Amiga version though it looked better and had far less bugs (chances on the C64 were that if you got killed one place and tried the level again the enemy who killed you would not be there)

As for rainbow islands, I didn't think it was that superb a conversion. The game itself is superb but the conversion I thought just lacked something, just like I was missing something from bubble bobble.
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Old 23 January 2004, 20:48   #48
Oh noes!
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I always liked elf, good platformer, sweet coppers.

And then there's the 8thday/core classic premiere

which kinda sucked now that I tested it again, nostalgia does strange things :/
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Old 23 January 2004, 21:01   #49
Dr. Dude
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Rick Dangerous 1 and 2
The litle shouting man eh? if getting hit. good thing i got 2 whit a life trainer
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PPHammer & HIs Pneumatic Weapon (If nothing else for the Innuendo contained in the title )
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Old 28 January 2004, 09:35   #51
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Nobody mentioned Sword


Good game in my opinion. It was even released as late as 1998!
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Big grin

Originally posted by Dastardly
Agreed. Two of the best IMO, and that RI music just gets into your brain and never leaves!

dooo dooo do do do dodo doo dodo do do dooo
Funny, that almost sounds like Superfrog's tune to me!

In some respects though, how do we define some of these platform games?
After all, the simplicity of say eg:Addams Family,(Marioesque jumping), is a tad different to the strategy/timing of Flashback, & of course the classic Turrican 1 & 2 are jump & run shooters in themselves too.
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