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Dreamcast, PSO2 etc

So I went & got a Dreamcast.

You guys are to blame... all your DC talk a couple of months ago on a thread about what the best retro console is.

And now I'm beyond hooked. What an amazing li'l machine Sega made. God damn it's an impressive bit of gear. The games are SOOOO good they make me all fuzzy...

So far, a few of my favorites are:

Virtua Tennis (best sports game EVER)
Crazy Taxi (manic fun)
Sonic Adventure (gives Mario 64 a run for its money!)
Ikaruga (see Dastardly's thread)
4 Wheel Thunder & Hydro Thunder (two great arcade racing games - one in a boat, the other offroad)
Ecco (so tranquil...)
Soul Calibur (never have I seen a game so lovingly crafted with the player in mind)
Shenmue (just... WOW)
Mr Driller (simple fun, look out Dig Dug!)

Now a favor to ask any good DC people here... I got Phantasy Star Online v2.0, but it didn't come with a serial number & access key. Since you can't play it online any more this wouldn't be a problem, but the stupid game won't let me play even offline without it! Would anyone let me know a valid serial/access so I can muck around with this offline? Pleeze?

I still can't believe this great machine died so quickly... I'm so sorry I missed out on it when I did (then again, I probably couldn't have afforded one when it first came out).
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Old 16 December 2003, 14:42   #2
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Yeah the machine totally kicks arse.

Me and 3 of my mates played 2 hours of Tennis 2k2 before heading in to town last night. It simply is such a great game, it's just your reactions can tend to slow after half a bottle of vodka

I'm looking to buy another one because mine keeps resetting itself though... but's that for another thread.
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Yeah, huge Dreamcast fan here! I own all the DC games worth owning, anyway, enough of me talking mince…

I have Phantasy Star, ill try and dig out the serial number & access key and PM you, but it might only work for the disc it was intended for if you know what I mean.

Plus mine is the European version.

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Thanks, Bob, but I just got a working serial# today! The guy who sold the game to me dug it out & it's working fine now.

If anyone else needs it, PM me. I'm not sure what version mine is (I think it's Australian?) but maybe it will work on all.
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