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Mega Gun - Legal?

Ive just had my ebay auction refused because they say the item Im selling infringes copyright. Do you think this is correct?

The item is a Mega Gun. You plug it into the telly and it has about 100 NES quality games (probably not actually NES games)

Does anyone know of any shops where they are being sold?

I know that our local shopping center has as stall selling them during the run up to christmas.

Any info to prove their legality would be helpful.
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fisken uno
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BWAHAHA! I misread the topic; Thought it said "Mega Gun - Lethal?".
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Old 17 November 2003, 15:12   #3
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There is a stall in a shopping hall near me selling them, it looks perfectly legit but who knows...
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Old 17 November 2003, 15:29   #4
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(After some Googling...)

Oh, it's one of those. Yep, there's a guy selling them in my town centre; yep, they *are* pirate NES consoles with a few dozen built-in games; and yep, they're illegal.

I think they're all imported from China, where piracy is (I think) still legal, but they're not legal here. They infringe Nintendo's NES patents (NES hardware and games).

I've got a couple these, with different designs. One looks like a Quickshot NES controller (but white, the kind of joypad that was remaindered in Tandy's for years) - it has 20-odd games built-in (including Track and Field, Super Mario Bros, etc). One looks like an N64 controller and has a cartridge slot (for Game Axe cartridges, another pirate NES console, this time a hand-held) and a 9-pin socket for a standard Atari joystick.
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Here's a few links:

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Old 17 November 2003, 15:39   #6
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That's as illegal as it gets, mainly because it is a Nintendo product. You have 100 pirated famicom games in there and whenever ebay see "multiple games' and "nintendo" they screw you up.

Don't try to publish this item on ebay again or you will get your account canceled.
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This is a description of what happens when Nintendo finds these pirate consoles, apparently:


It involves steamrollers, crushed hardware and TV news crews.
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