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Question Ncomm errors

Hi, I managed to link my PC & Amiga and can download files/adfs ok, just tried Rodlands and it works fine (I could do with some new floppies ).

The problem is I get lots of errors when transferring files (57600), these errors are mentioned on nComm as Data packet too long, Data packet CRC & timeouts, the PC side just mentions retries..

funny thing is as above the adfs/file I've tried seem ok, should I just ignore this or is there a problem?

If I go higher than 57600 even the PC side has a moan.

Any help please?

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I can't remember if I said this in the PM to you....it appears I didn't
These errors are nothing to worry about. Errors happen everywhere in the computing world. Luckily, the protocols are smart enough to fix them. When you download stuff off the net, I'm pretty certain errors happen but the TCP/IP stack is designed to make everything all happy and make the file automagically work. You've gotta love it.

Anyway. Just ignore them. The best way to test if the transfer worked is to unpack the archive/test the file.
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These errors occure, because your speed it "sometimes" too high for Amiga serial port .... if you got error correction set, just ignore them ...

If you are worried about them, just use a slower speed
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Yep, ok I'll take your advice RetroMan/Amigaboy as it seems Rodlands and a couple of lha files seem to have survived the journey intact, thought it was best to check with the experts around here.

Now the fun begins

thanks again

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For happy fast speeds, try reducing your screen depth to 2 colors. That will help the serial port keep up with the 57600 speed.

Since you can already transfer stuff, you better download TwinExpress from Aminet and use that instead from now on to transfer files, you can easily go up to 115200 with it.
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The reason for that this is happening, is that the Amiga has only a 1-byte buffer for the serial port. So the chipset is not fast enough to retrieve the data stream, when the bitrate is set at 57600bps or higher.

You could try running the machine in Multiscan or Productivity-mode (if this is an AGA-machine), if you have a VGA or Multisync-monitor. It could help.
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Akira, I did try Twin Express but for some reason it reckons theres a problem with my lead, not sure why.

I will try the other tips from you and Puzzle. thanks.


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