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Recommended GB/GBC games?

I'm wondering if any of you guys know any good GB/GBC games
as I've not had much experience of the system and there's sooo many to choose from.
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Tetris - unmatched classic, hours of addiction guaranteed

Super Mario Land - I love this little old bugger


Mario Tennis - the new one , not the GB oldie. Incredible addictive thingy for your GBC.

Super Mario Bros Deluxe - Just as the NES jobbie. Excellent conversion

Metal Gear Solid - Excelent game, just like the good ole MSX games.

Those come off the top of my head, will post mre later. Long time no GB playing.
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Old 25 October 2003, 20:06   #3
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Stick out tongue

I'll probably get shot to pieces for this but... I love the Pokémon games. I've completed Pokémon Red and it was hella good fun. Pokémon Gold and Silver look quite good also. Don't forget to try the brilliant Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening. There's also a little known game called Tetris which I've heard is quite addictive. lol.

Ack. Akira just listed one of my favourites!! Mario Tennis (GBC) is fecking brilliant! God I've not played that one for a few years. It really is super addictive and great fun.

Looks like the recent Amiga game "Payback" is coming to the GBA. Looks really good.


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Old 25 October 2003, 21:02   #4
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talking about gameboys.....how cool is this

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I love the old black and white Gameboy and its games!

Some of the best Gameboy games I had the opurtunity to play and recomend was, Tetris, Gargoyles Quest (adventure,rpg something), Super Mario Land 1 (the second and the third are not as good but still great), Qix was cool, Kwirk was cool to but wasnt really my type of game. Shockingly I liked Golf a lot! even though I hate sportsgames.. I even made som hole in ones in Golf.
The Zelda game was considered the best GB game at the time, but its shurely not the best Zelda, but its still great, and has some impressive graphics for a black n white gameboy.

Stay away from Turrican though, its not that good on GB.
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Old 25 October 2003, 22:28   #6

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Tetris - I'm with Akira on this one
Mario 2 - huge game, good graphics

Mario Golf - maybe just me on this one..
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Old 26 October 2003, 02:45   #7
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Some great suggestions... a couple more:

* Revenge of the Gator (pinball)

* Monster Max (by the legendary John Ritman. Liked Head Over Heels? Get this)

* Mario Picross 2 (an excellent puzzle game, like chipping away at a picture -- if you're using an emulator, there's a translated ROM).

* Warioland 1, 2, 3 (as good as Mario Land, perhaps even better)

* Batman (old, but perfectly done)

* Metroid 2 (not as good as the first, but still great)

* Dropzone (perfect conversion from the c64)

* Mystic Quest (prequel to Secret of Mana -- AWESOME Action-RPG)

* Deja vu (good adventure game)

* Donkey Kong 94 (adds a *lot* to the original, improving playability enormously)

* Harvest Moon (mixture of RPG & farm sim)

Most of the Final Fantasy Legend titles were top-notch, and there was a good Kirby platformer (can't remember the title)

Don't forget the two newer Zelda games, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

Oh, and surprisingly, the Tomb Raider game was actually pretty good on GBC! More like Prince of Persia.

Plenty more good titles...
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Old 26 October 2003, 16:33   #8
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I spent hours at college playing Donkey Kong Land - absolutely brilliant platformer with great gfx to boot.

Tomb Raider was pretty good - very simlar to prince of persia in some ways but still had the tomb raider feel. Personally, I don't think the GBC had any standout titles.

Denki blocks - Get's repetitive but has that 'must have another go' vibe.

Super Monkey Ball - Surprising well executed and faithful to the Game Cube version.

Chu Chu Rocket - almost identical to the DC versionm it's a little gem of a game.

Crash Bandicoot - Pure 2D platforming with 3D sub games.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Again, great 2D FAST platforming - the sonic sprite is well animated.

Doom - Say no more. It's almost all there and has decent 3D speed.

Currently playing...

Wario Ware - This game is so damn addictive. A series of simple mini games that only last a couple of seconds but it's done in such a way that they come at you thick and fast and the adrenelin starts pumping. Brilliant!!!!
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Old 26 October 2003, 17:44   #9
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Cheers guys! Looks like quite a good selection of games there for me to try out.

Has anyone got any thoughts on the game & watch gallery games as I used to love my G&W's "back in the day"
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Old 26 October 2003, 17:54   #10
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respect GBA, I feel absolutely deceived with the games.. actual gams market is PURE SHIT. apart of that I was surprised with JamesBond007-Nightfire.. quite addictive,. a good 1rstPersonShooter.

for 3d racing, Lego DromeRacers plays like a PS racing game.

apart of these GBA has a deceiving catalogue plagued of crap licensed titles,.. i repeat myself: game industry sucks!
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Old 27 October 2003, 06:48   #11
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Belgarath, the GB G&W gallery games didn't do a lot for me, but they were pretty faithful.

What I did really love though, was the G&W Gallery Advance on the GBA -- it has tons of games in their original forms (very accurate), plus updated versions of them with nice graphics and some variations, and when you get high enough scores you unlock other games! Seemed to have a lot in it.

Even better IMHO is Wario Ware, Inc. on GBA. Closest you'll get to the spirit of those old games, except played at *light speed*. It funnels these little fun games at you every few seconds -- blink and you've got another game. Some folks hate it, I couldn't get enough of it.
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Originally posted by Belgarath
Cheers guys! Looks like quite a good selection of games there for me to try out.

Has anyone got any thoughts on the game & watch gallery games as I used to love my G&W's "back in the day"
*COUGH,COUGH*, damm gotta take some cough drops!
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