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Originally posted by freedom4u
I just wonna know, how long I'll have to wait for it to do so ...
On my drive (which was pretty slow), I would normally have to wait around 10 - 20 minutes. After that, it's fine.

As Codetapper said, in some cases, the HD may be corrupt (it may say something like "Volume DH0: has a read/write error" or "Volume DH0: has a checksum error at xxxxx"). In these cases, it will take alot longer to repair since you'll have to run it through a fixing program (like DiskSalv or Quarterback)
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Another thing that can make it take longer is the size of the drive. Since you have three partitions, you aren't really shut down because if you need to write data, you can do so to one of the valid partitions. It will slow down the system, obviously, while AmigaDOS plows through the drive sectors verifying that they are indeed OK. Sometimes you may lose some file fragments, other times you won't. Just avoid writing to the drive if you think your system has somehow become unstable. As Codetapper pointed out, writing to RAM is the best bet.

When I used to do graphic intensive work on the Amiga, I'd save everything to RAM and then go to Opus (or the shell) and hand move the files to the hard drive. Not exactly foolproof (I've still had it crash while doing this), but it's still better than the other way if you are using a program that is flaky about crashing.
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Now it makes sense.

I would normally have to wait around 10 - 20 minutes.
@Amigaboy Thanks for replying again.
When Codetapper was talking about the drive re-validating itself, I didn't actually bother to think about it, because I remeber rebooting like ten times (but I never let the computer run for a few minutes :laugh ) without anything being fixed. I just expected you were talking about some really quick process.
But now where you mentioned that it could easily take more than a few seconds (my partition is 1.5 GB big), I just gave my Amiga some time to work on the issue and guess what... Everything just perfect (after 5...10...15 minutes)

And I already sweared at Commodore for equipping the Amiga with such a shitty filesystem.
But selfvalidating ... Yeah, that's something, I just missed a little verbosity

Goodnight guys... ah and never ever watch the movie "Ghost Dog"

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