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Question Virus cheacker?

Can anyone tell me a name of a virus checker and if possible tell me where i can download one?

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The best virus checker's for Amiga (my opinion) are Virus Executor and Virus Checker II

Go to Virus Help Denmark ( http://home4.inet.tele.dk/vht-dk/ ) for a continuously updated database of virii.
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Thanks A.B.

new problem!

are there any utils that can fix damaged disks or copy contents to a new disk?
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Yes. Disksalv has always been my favourite

Version 2 (legally free) can be downloaded from http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/amine...kSalv11_32.lha

I have Version 4 (the latest and best) somewhere. If noone uploads it within the next couple of days, I'll do it
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Well whadya know

Codetapper's site has it. No need for me to upload it then


Check the Utilities section

I didn't want to direct link to the file in case Codetapper gets angry and kicks my ass
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thanks once again A.B.

I should just start e-mailing you instead :laugh
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Feel free to contact me how you feel would be best, but I prefer using some type of Messageboard system since I don't have to keep logging in, blah blah.

To make it short, I really hate E-mail
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It was only a joke. You seem to be answering all my Q's tonight (well it is night here )

Hopefully no more Q's tonight.

I am really a clueless newbie, but with the help of the members of the Forum i may oneday be able to help others.

Thanks heaps!!
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I know it was a joke, but I've been receiving e-mails from a few people, so I'm hoping others will read this too

Damn! Couldn't resist
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Cool Clueless Newbies

Don't worry, we are all really clueless newbies here. We just make things up. Especially Walker. He once said that to run Dragon's Breath it was necessary to find a shrubbery.
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I thought you had to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring?

Shows how how clueless i am
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Say, would Virus Checker II work on my 2MB, KS2.05 A600 ? I remember I used Virus Checker a lot, it'sa brilliant utility...

and whatever happened to BootX? That one was GREAT for restoring bootblocks...
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I used to use Virus Checker II on my 2mb A600, so I see no problem why it won't work on yours

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