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Old 21 September 2003, 15:12   #1
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Question Recommended CD32 Games

What CD32 games are worth downloading? In other words, which CD32 games are good to play, have kick ass music and have been upgraded to AGA gfx.

For example, Fire'N'Ice, James Pond 2/3, Speedball 2, The Chaos Engine, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Alien Breed Tower Assault and Zool all seem to be improvements on their ECS/Floppy equivalents

Whereas Chuck Rock 1/2, Turrican etc seem to be just literal ports
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Old 21 September 2003, 17:42   #2
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Most of the ports I can think of have aural rather than graphical enhancements over the respective floppy versions, as they are AGA on CD32 and A1200. Ones with kickass music that spring to mind are Guardian, Pinball Illusions and Super Stardust. They are also cool games.

Shadow Fighter CD32 is excellent too. Base Jumpers is another fun game with good music, and the CD32 version has extra subgames.
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Old 21 September 2003, 20:35   #3
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remember it got great scores when it was released on CD32.....
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Old 21 September 2003, 22:35   #4
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Litil Divil and Microcosm are CD32 only, so they are MUCH better then floppy versions! ;-)
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Old 21 September 2003, 23:28   #5
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Originally posted by Nyarlathotep
Litil Divil and Microcosm are CD32 only, so they are MUCH better then floppy versions! ;-)
But plz avoid BAD GAMES....
Well that what the mags said, I only played Little Devil that sucked....
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Old 22 September 2003, 08:52   #6
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What about Pirates Gold ? It's great...
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Old 26 September 2003, 16:56   #7
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I kinda liked Liberation, yeah probably because of the famous voice over, known quite well in Sci-fi circles

Hint: B5
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Old 26 September 2003, 17:38   #8
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Pirates Gold, Liberation and Simon The Sorcerer are my faves. Most are just ports of floppy games with maybe an added audio track and Microcosm sucks but is worth it for the intro which is like a low budget Babylon 5 set in Wakefield circa 2105
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Old 27 September 2003, 20:08   #9
Fred the Fop
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Fields Of Glory, dude, my fave Amiga game ever.
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