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Fred the Fop
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Originally posted by Severin
For the games machine market check out the A1-Lite which is basically what your describing (MoBo pics below)...

No I don't see people lining up to make boards for the AmigaOne as they're already being made... I think you might know them as 'PC PCI boards'

Why would I want an ancient voodoo3? I'm using a radeon 7000 atm, ugrading to 9x00 when os4 arrives... or maybe one of the other 180+ supported makes...

What's the point? What're you gonna play to take advantage of the nifty Radeon?
Like Unknown_K said, you cannot have a games machine without games.
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Hence the reason for either empty sockets to put the AGA and other support chips into for backwards compatibility to older games and other apps or a separate PCI A1200 card

I'd say that something like this would sell much better then what you have to run on the hardware currently
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For the Amiga standards, a CV64 or a Picassio IV will do its job as good as a radeon 9800!
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Originally posted by Unknown_K
The little board looks nice, but game machines need games. That wont run old games without an emulator (why buy a ppc to emulate when we all have PC's that run the same emulator), and no new games are being developed for it.

There are few to no games for Linux boxes, and there are millions of those, what makes you think people will develop games for the amigaone?

If they didnt have the budget for an updated A1200 type machine they could at least made a PCI slot amiga computer (AGA compatible) and ran os 4 from there.
Yup, the Siamese PCI Amiga (aka Access's Inside Out board) was just what we needed. Use AGA or RTG via the host PC. Use the host PCs FDD/HDD if you want. Two machines but one set of mice/keyboard. 040/25 in lowest spec.

To me this was the way it should have gone. A1 will be a commercial failure.
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Originally posted by jmmijo
So Severin, is this a Mini-ITX board or Micro-Flex/ATX board ?!? To me it looks like the former.

As for the A1-Lite, looks to be an all in one board but what would really be a selling point is a plug-in A1200 board or something like this for backwards classic emulation. But I guess there's not going to be any hence the reason the A1 will not sell very well

@Dizzy, I'm neither married nor do I plan on it in the near future. As for kids, bah humbug, call me a scrooge when it comes to little brats running around the house
ITX iirc... but these are very early preview pics that were only released to the public by accident (I'd already seen them on the A1 developers list) the boards will probably change quite alot before the final product.

hmmm, backwards classic emulation... OS4 does that, the only programs that will cause problems are hardware hitters (mostly games, but WHDload should cure that).


It's not really a 'games machine' the same as an A1200 isn't one, if all you do is play games on it that's up to you...

What makes you think people WON'T (eventually) develope games for it...

Go and try to find the mythical Insideout board...

For the Amiga standards, a CV64 or a Picassio IV will do its job as good as a radeon 9800!
For the old standards maybe, but do you put an old CGA/Hercules board in your PC to run ancient DOS/win3.1 games? Why should I?

Do you have a 386/486/P60 emulator to run old PC games as XP won't ?

Besides a CV64 or P4 would be a massive bottle neck for an A1, not to mention having to redesign the whole board, go back to zorro slots, and custom hardware again with all the problems that causes...

Use AGA or RTG via the host PC. Use the host PCs FDD/HDD if you want.
OS4 has a thing called HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) which totaly bypasses the need for the AGA chipset, you can still use AGA software, in nasty lo-res AGA screens if you want to...

Don't get me wrong, AGA was great but any gfx card vastly improved the miggy, I havn't really used AGA since '96, and then only for the odd game. would you want to do any serious work at AGA resolutions and speeds if you had the option of RTG?

I can't see what all the fuss about being identical to an A1200 is about, UAE isn't most of you here seem happy with that, but think of it running natively and invisibly in the background on an efficient OS.

If you really need something identical to an A1200, go and buy a few, they are only £10-£20 after all...
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Some of the stuff below is not for public distribution yet, and I've edited out some bits, please do not spread it about until after TA 16 (Oct 9th) comes out...

TA magazine issue 15. To quote myself (because its easier than typing) :

AmigaOne Lite - some more details.

In the last edition of Total Amiga I gave a brief overview of the AmigaOne Lite - an entry level AmigaOne designed to both as a CD32/A1200 successor and for use in embedded systems such as kiosks, STB?s etc.


The full specifications for the AmigaOne Lite are as follows:

Micro ITX form factor (170mmx170mm)
Gigabit and 10/100 ethernet on board
133MHz UDMA RAID IDE controller
USB 2.0 on board
IEEE 1394 (?FireWire?) on board
2x AGP graphics on board with PAL/NTSC TV out
AC97 sound on board
1 x PCI33MHz slot (horizontal, via supplied riser card)
Cardbus slot for flash card support (diskless booting, applications, games slot etc)
Usual legacy PS/2, serial, parallel ports

Being a standard form factor it will fit in a standard micro ITX case, such as the one shown in the enclosed photograph. Please visit the web link at http://www.morex.com.tw/minicase.htm and www.mini-itx.com to see other suitable case designs.

We are aiming to bring the AmigaOne Lite to market early next year.
Not mentioned in the above spec is that the board is now designed to take the standard A1XE megarray cpu module so that it can be supplied with/upgraded to anything from an entry level (=cheap) 750CXe@433 to (possibly) a 1.3GHz G4.

The pictures published on the Soft3 website are of the first pre-prototype version - there will be 2 or 3 revisions before the actual production version is ready.


However, from what I can see the, open publication of these pictures, together with the screen shots of a beta of OS4 running on the A1 - has had a very positive reception. But, please, no private emails for more details on availability dates and prices - we're swamped with emails as it is. This stuff will be posted 'when its ready' (c).

Hope this helps


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Toni Wilen
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the only programs that will cause problems are hardware hitters (mostly games, but WHDload should cure that).
WHDLoad does not help. It "only" patches buggy&stupid code that fails on faster CPUs or different chipsets.
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