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This is an alphabetical listing of all the games previewed in













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Cool project!

This will be a very useful resource when complete. I will check my own magazine collection and forward as much information as I can.
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This will be very helpful for aGTW

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Nice! Now someone begin an Amiga Mag scan restoration project in PDF format
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I second that
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Great site.
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Question sorry guys & dolls

sorry guys & dolls here at eab

this aint my site has nothing to do with me i just found it
thought i just share the link with yous here at eab

I wish it was mine, such good welcomes you give me
but im not gonna take the credit for someones hard earn work on this cool project that you's say and yes it is a top project i will try to hunt down some old amiga mags for them to put up in there collection.

and again sorry people that it sounded that i own the web site
i don't
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This was a funny little misunderstanding...
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Old 17 September 2003, 22:56   #9
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Funny how many people here didn't seem to know about the AIM project.

FYI, here's another web site that has indexed some Amiga magazines:


It's probably not as good as the AIM site, but handy all the same methinks.
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Old 20 September 2003, 12:49   #10
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I'm the webmaster of the AIM site and am naturally _very_ pleased to see so many positive comments about it (I'm very happy to see any mention of it at all, to be honest :-) ).

We're always looking for contributions, so feel free to check the missing issues lists and tell me if you can help make our site a little bit more complete. My e-mail address is jfroholt@c2i.net , but please mark your e-mails clearly, as I receive hundreds of spam messages a day, and if the subject line is "hi!" or something like that, I usually delete the message before looking at it. Ofcourse, you may send me a PM here, but I can't promise a quick response as I don't always have time to check this site.

Btw, my incoming mail server seems to be down at the moment. I don't know, maybe it's that virus that's put it out of business for a while.

Anyway, thanks again for the positive comments (and thanks to 5thgear for posting about the site here)
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Edit! My mail address is completely useless right now. It takes five minutes to get a few megs worth of viruses, and I can't spend every minute of my day deleting viruses. In other words, I'm running out of space all the time. Please use joachim@gamer.no if you want to get in touch with me (and if you've sent me any mails during the last few days, please re-send them to that address). Sorry!

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