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Elite and Starflight. ( OK I love space games)
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hehe... an other old thread brought back to life! Funny thing: KG is actually agreeing with me
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Well KS there is always space for a little agreement and magic between fat ape and gift-bringing fat man.

I might add to this thread later actually, I can think of a few more to add, and this thread actually makes good reading (a lot of threads I can never be bothered reading most of)
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on Amiga: for sure the usual ones i've always say as i consider the experience tied to the choice of best game; but some more:

Parasol Star that was just amazingly fun to play in two and kicking and punching my little bro in the meantime.
then the games that suck you in, like Prince Of Persia and the whole Golden Box Serie by SSI.
all games that you fire up not to play but just to feel for a while what it was to be a kiddo again
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Super Stardust - Because it was fast action and it reminded me of the old game Asteroids. Music suited the game too.

Flashback - Fantastic Animation, great design, excellent gameplay. The animation stands out for me....especially the use of the gun.

Turrican Series - Influenced many people to write music for the Amiga. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!!

Shadow of the Beast - 128 Colours Onscreen, 16 layers of Parallax Scrolling - Impressive, yes!! Great Music too....Gameplay....?? well...

Sensible World of Socccer - The finest 2D football game. Essential. Sensi did it, and should feel proud of it. Still excellent even now!!

AD&D Gold Box - Influential RPG games, Popular in their time. I felt disappointed when they stopped doing them as they kind of grew on you over time.

Prince of Persia - For it's motion capture abilities....First one to try it. I remember seeing the pictures of the person doing the motions for this game. I think it was his brother doing the moves...interesting. Excellent gameplay to match.

UFO Enemy Unknown - Actually played this one more than Laser Squad. Laser Squad was also a fine game, first of it's type....But I'm going to say UFO. The idea of having a squad based team and never knowing what was coming at you gave me a thrill!! They are firing at us commander!! so many situations which were funny.

Civilisation - Especially if you have a hard disk...Essential game with fantastic long term appeal. Played it for 8 months....Did that Settler just kill my Battleship?

Elite - Great classical piece of music....essential gameplay....it had soooo much depth. Played it for 6 months at least.

Formula 1 Grand Prix - I actually set the Laps to 100% for this game. I was racing over 50 to 100 Laps!! It was great fun, and for the time...an essential game if you liked Formula 1.

Games graphics were influential for me too....seeing the differences from The Bitmap Brothers metallic look.....to Psygnosis graphics (Agony, Killing Game Show, Shadow of the Beast Series)... Most companies had a varied style of graphics..Hewson (Eliminator, Cybernoid etc..)

Something else which influenced me were the Psygnosis Intro Sequences....they were amazing for their time....enjoyed watching them time and time again...Anyone remember Killing Game Show? Nitro? Shadow of the Beast II? Awesome? etc... Best Intro? Well that's another topic!!

Other game influences:

Gauntlet I/II (Arcade) - First Four player Multiplayer...Fantastic!!
Final Fight (Arcade) - It actually felt good..
Dungeon Master (AtariST) - Depth of Gameplay...it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
Street Fighter II (Arcade) - A Good 3 years of my life.
Doom (All Formats) - Released on so many formats!! So many levels, mods etc..Very influential game, probably the most influential.

Soul Calibur (DC) - I was blown away when I saw this. I won a competition with this game, and with Virtua Tennis. Memories....

Super Mario World (SNES) - It kept me entertained for three weeks....then...realised that I missed all the 96 levels....had to start again to find them!!

F-Zero (SNES) - I didn't buy the game...but...one lunch I was in Boots Superstore and I played it for THREE hours in the store!!! I didn't go back to Uni ..

Mario64 (N64) - To actually see Mario in 3DDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! WOW!!! It worked too!!! Great end sequence.

Dungeon Keeper (PC) - I loved the Intro sequence!!!!! completed it too.

Max Payne (PC) - I thought PC games were getting worse.....then I played this game.

Afterburner (Arcade) - for being so intense....I nearly broke the joystick....but finished it..The woman at the cash counter thought I was funny because I was dancing when I was playing the game!!! Did you see the controller for this game!!!!!!

Dragon's Lair (Arcade) - Not for the gameplay, more for the graphic quality. It was an interactive disney film, and it looked A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I remember my father saying to me..put 30 pence into the machine..I did then...the story of a legendary knight's tale unfolded....I was standing on a ledge platform and the ledge was getting shorter and shorter. The ropes were burning and I had to make it across to the other side. I lost all my lives in 1 minute of playing...but WOW were those graphics good. I did finish Dragon's Lair II, but never the first one. I actually watched somebody finish the first one....fighting the Dragon at the end!! Having to press Sword twice to complete..clever trick by Don Bluth.

Pac-Man (VCS) - The fun you could have with the ghosts!! dance rings around them. I loved the way pac-man got faster as the game got harder...Ah..PRETZEL...gotta have it...gotta have it..the feeling of wanting was so intense..must have that prize!! They always had a Pac-man machine at the Arcade..10p a go!!

Operation Wolf (Arcade) - I mean....I could use a gun to shoot people!!

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Arcade) - I cannot really say why but I remember the films and well....it had the mine cart sequence!! Probably the first movie tie-in game I enjoyed!! Of Course their was Raiders....but...damn
I hated digging for that treasure!! It drove me crazy damn VCS!!

They were part of my life...their are other games too...but these spring to mind..


- Hillsy.

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So many experiences - each game in it's own has been an experience - even the crap that's been reset as virtually as soon as it has finished loading...

Specific memories in no particular order are:

Dungeon Master - when I put the bones in the Alter of Rebirth (I was young then and wasn't entirely sure what it meant) and the guy came back alive! Never could get far in that game without getting owned by something but once I learnt this the game was over!

Bloodwych - first real character interaction - being able to make them stand around and view what was happening was great for solving puzzles.

Shadow of the Beast - the intro was amazing - the game was unfortunately only so-so - at the time it was the best audio/visual I had ever seen in a game...

Treasure Island Dizzy - this sticks out because it was the first one I played - on the Amiga as well - it was so hard at times and frustrating but I've played everyone since... completing most on the C64..

Turrican 1 and 2 - this is how platformers should be - unfortunately Turrican 3 was shockingly bad - but these two - wow - the music the sfx and graphics were awesome...

Spellbound - first played this on the C64 and I suppose it was my first go at Arcade Adventure - was solid in places and to this day I have never completed it (time to get it out again I think) great hookability and lots of ways to potentially solve a problem..

Ghosts n Goblins / Ghouls n Ghosts - these are just great - the music and atmospheric sfx are brilliant - first playing this in the arcade made me get a spectrum and then C64 just to play this...

Feud - only worth playing on the MSX - the music was great and many a night was spent at a mates house trying to play this...

Elite 2: Frontier - I did enjoy Elite but this was a great step forward - I managed to keep a clean rating and get to Dangerous before my copy died - some great moments in it and one game I'm definately going to play again very soon...

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elite - on zx spectrum 48k - I played this game over 2 years on spectrum, didaktik (slovak spectrum clone) and finally amiga. (playing frontier included)
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The best experiences:

3dDeathChase- fast and first person.. my family was amazed with this little piece of software.

Football games - Always has been a football game which has shocked me, my brothers and my friends.. first MatchDay, then MatchDay2... but specially EmlynHughes in Speccy and KickOffs / Goal!! on Amiga.. these games were/are truly an experience because you learn tactics and control/movements even nowadays.
Also PlayerManager no other game is as involving as this masterpiece.. except Elite

Elite Braben/Bell had to be in state of grace when they created this game. Everything is conceived to let you create your own story.

Ranarama on speccy. I never got into Paradroid, but I got hooked with this variation of the game. Its gameplay system is like RPG but in a wild arcade shape.

Driver it was a cool experience when I discover it. later GTA3 truly new sensation of freedom.

Then the last notable experience has been MetalGearSolid and MetalGearSolid2. But nowadays I guess itsnt as authentic likes previous ones..
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I have quite a few experiences that still linger in my head...

I still remember when I first booted Hybris and the music hit me, it was totally awesome... It had set the mood immediately and I was all tensed up for the gameplay that was ahead... It's the shooter I still play up to today, every few months...

I've spent countless nights multiplaying with a friend of mine, playing custom levels we cooked up. The volume was cranked up so the neighbours could enjoy the experience as well (KABOOM!!!!!)

Jeff Crammond's GP
The best racer around at that time was GP and I found myself quite often racing the races that had just been held in the GP season... Only drawback was that other cars couldn't be heard...

Stunt Car Racer
The insane ramp level was my favorite in this one... I just couldn't stop hitting the turbo when going down the final ramp before being launched into an incredible drop Awesome (and again a game from Jeff if memory serves me correct)

Adventure Construction Set
I'm probably gonna be pestered with this But I loved ACS at the time, just to build crazy adventures and draw naughty icons I've spent lots of evenings with ACS...
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Originally Posted by onkelarie
I have quite a few experiences that still linger in my head...

Jeff Crammond's GP
The best racer around at that time was GP and I found myself quite often racing the races that had just been held in the GP season... Only drawback was that other cars couldn't be heard...
You could here the sounds of the other cars zooming past, which version were you playing, a pirated one?

- Hillsy.
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Originally Posted by wlcina
elite - on zx spectrum 48k - I played this game over 2 years on spectrum, didaktik (slovak spectrum clone) and finally amiga. (playing frontier included)
that's cool man, that's just plain and simple cool!
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Originally Posted by Hillsy_
You could here the sounds of the other cars zooming past, which version were you playing, a pirated one?

- Hillsy.
Though it was quite difficult to hear when accompanied by a volume of swear words after being forced off the track (eg: on a turn),whilst said CPU car would seem to be superglued to the track & would virtually never crash/be forced off!
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Really cool thread KG, lets see

My first machine was a rubber keyed Spectrum 48k and the first ever game that made me feel that being at school was getting in the way of my gaming was World Cup Football (1984 Artic Computing Ltd) its just stick men kicking a square around but I loved it. I used to run like hell to get home to play it after school.

Then I got the c64 and it was Barry McGuigans Boxing that had me running home, although the music from Parallax had more of an emotional impact on me.

Onto Amiga and there must be dozens of games that had real impacts on me the Biggest was possible Midwinter I first played the game in the winter in the north of England and coming from a poor family (awwwwww) the heating for the upstairs and therefore my bedroom was never on (the condensation on the windows used to turn to ice over night). It really helped with the atmosphere of the game though and it was so immersive and well written.

A few others from PS and PC are Grand Turismo, I had dreamed of having a racing game like this, never touched the Arcade part of the game, just the Sim part and played it all the time before moving onto Grad Turismo II. On PC Fallout is one of my faves of all time, I'm such a fan of the series that I even like Fallout:Tactics.
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