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Ya' like it Retr0?
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when reading this... there is one that seems to of missed the bunch of nails in the coffin for amiga gamming..

yeah... doom was a big bit, as was a lot of other FPS games...

(what the f* was all that about an 030@50 out performs an 060 on doom... dude get reall... i would like to see that 030 able to push a 640x480x256 screen!)

anyways.... before Quake there was one awsome game... we as amigans... were promised.. and promised.... and yes even more so promised...

the game was released on the PC in 1993 for DOS, and it recieved fantastic reviews...

it took four years of promises and the complete Amiga gamming world to near enough die off before they released it...

the game..... TFX flight sim!

of all the let downs the amiga had... leaving this one so late to be published i feel hurts the most
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You´re right, Zetr0!

I waited for ages, too!
I was so happy when I found this CU Amiga CD-ROM at the Amiga ´97 show in cologne. But yes, it was too late.

And there was this nice rolling demo of Inferno, too...

Edit: *offtopic* Any idea how to get it working on 060? (TFX) The patch doesn´t work.
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Maj. Voodoo

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There is another simillar promise (again AGA only) for strategy folks that never got released.

Battle Isle 2 (check Amiga Format issue 59 - comming attractions)

For me turning point was move to USA (end of 95). When I got here there was no Amiga hardware or software in sale at all. Also couple of PC games that just got released made me go PC route as the rest of the world.

When did PC outperform Amiga? When CD-rom has become standard on the PC. Amiga CD stillw as way more expensive and not suported by game makers.

Everyone new floppies were thing of the past... and amiga depended on them.
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Graham Humphrey
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Originally Posted by Rebel-CD32
Oh, and Worms Director's Cut is still better than any of the newer Worms games that came out on the PC, I don't care how much they ended up adding to them. Those cute, fat, cartoony worms suck compared to the ugly, skinny ones with bandannas and rocket launchers on the original and Director's Cut versions.
Agreed, they should have stopped making them after this because frankly the series couldn't progress any further, and don't get me started on the 3D games....

But hey, it was basically a licence for Team 17 to print money.
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