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I agree
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Last issue of CU Amiga: October 1998
Editor: Tony Horgan
Dep Ed: Andrew Kosh

Quote from page 11:

" CU Amiga Closes - FAQ

Q-Why is CU Amiga closing?
A-Because it is no longer making a profit and therefore cannot continue to be published."

And then from the end of the same page:

"Q-So is it time to pack the Amiga away for good?
A-No! Keep on keeping on and we'll see you soon in happier times."

Make of that what you will...
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The cover on my copy of the last issue of CU Amiga was printed upside down. I always assumed they were making a statement of somekind... can't say I blame them!
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Old 03 December 2004, 00:17   #84
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Sorry to bring this thread back, but I wonder what the rest of you think of Amiga Power's place as a magazine? To me, their reviews were unbiased, honest and knowledgable, and they were often either the only maagzine, or one of very few, to shoot down hyped games that were rubbish (Rise of the Robots, Microcosm, EPIC). The fact that they were games fans rather than Amiga fans per sé was probably what set them apart. I love the way the whole argument agaisnt them here stems fgrom a factually-inaccurate and far-fetched tale relating to the supposedly-brilliant CU Amiga.
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I personally liked AP, purely for the fact that it tended to cover more games than the other mags (and I bought most of the different Amiga mags that were available at the time). That does not mean I agree with their reviews (like for example, their constant preaching that Rainbow Islands was the best Amiga game ever produced). Of course the reviews are going to be biased - it is impossible to write an unbiased review as it is always going to reflect the review's tastes, however I might point out that AP was probably the only Amiga mag that regularly published other reviewer's opinions of the game (On the other hand...)

Personally I consider AF as probably the best Amiga mag overall, and the fact that it was the last of the mainstream Amiga mags to close was probably a good indicator that much of the market agreed. I definitely preferred the English mags to the American ones. Australian Commodore and Amiga Review was also pretty good.

At the end of the day it is all a matter of opinion.
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AP was my favourite Amiga mag, mainly because it was entertaining and extremely well written. To be honest, it was even better once they ran out of games to review and turned to articles about JFK, Office Joust, etc. There's never been a mag anywhere near as good.
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Who remembers the AP Files?
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