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My Bargain!!

Picked up an Amiga 500 (Kickstart 1.3) with 1meg mem expansion
plus a Commodore 1084S Colour Monitor + some games etc..
at a boot fair for wait for it... £9!!!

Can anyone beat that?

plus I also got a Fully boxed Super Nintendo + Street fighter 2 turbo for £2!!!
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Im on the lookout for an A1200..

I am now going to borrow my mates lead and connect the
amiga up to my PC to transfer some disks across..

I dug out all my old disks and my original Devpac and spent most of yesterday re-compiling my old demos I wrote. shame I cant understand assembler anymore :-(

I also found a 'special' version of Devpac that some crackers did.
They reverse engineered it and made lots of improvements so I will upload that if anyone is interested.

Does anyone know if there are dumps of the 'Amiga Coders Club' disks available on the internet? If not I have about 8 of them ready to convert to adf too..

It will be a couple of weeks before I can start this as I am moving house next week and very busy with other things...
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Reversed Devpac..

Ok, I will examine it in more detail tonight to see if there is a readme or something...

Didnt really look at it properly yesterday. Only thing I can remember about is that you have to type mgenam2 to run it.

Does this ring any bells with anyone else?
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Old 13 August 2001, 11:39   #4
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Doesn't ring an immediate bell, and I thought I had all of the Devpac releases. Apparently not.

Also looking forward to the Amiga Coders Club disks. Somewhere I have the source code to an Angels demo that was stolen from them. Once I start dumping my stuff, I will post that if anyone would like it.
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Old 13 August 2001, 11:44   #5
Tim Janssen
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Cool Flea Market

Every year around August 12 I visit a flea market. The past years I saw many C64's, Videopac, Atari 2600, etc. But yesterday I saw for the first time in my life an Amiga 500 with TV-adapter, a box of discs, mouse and 2 joysticks only for Fl 40 (that's 13 pound, I think). Since I do not have any livingspace in my much-too-small appartment in The Hague I have not bought it. Besides, I still own my original fully-functional A500
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Old 14 August 2001, 13:18   #6
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Coding mags

I remember being in contact with a guy or group called Shoah, who made a mag called Dreamland (prolly still on Aminet).
They were two, one excellent gfx artist, and one excellent asm coder (don't remember their handles though). The tutorials on the mag helped me an awful lot.
I started one scrolling demo with water effects (you know, copper-tricks), but never finished it, because then someone (a guy called Ruskie, or rather Ruski3) introduced me to the world of reverse engineering Shareware apps, and I was engrossed by the art of developing keyfile makers...

Long shot, but anyone of the above mentioned people visit this board, and perhaps remember me under my previous handle, Kn0b? (and I know what it's slang for, thank you).

[Update: Hah. I found their (very old) website: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconVall...340/index.html
Not that anyone's interested, probably Group was called Shoah, Squize & Vex were the peeps I was most in contact with. Aaah, those were the days...]

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