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RTC problem

Got a weird one here :-) I am running the 'timehack' program to correct the drift in the Amiga's system clock, and while it's doing that just fine, it's getting an incorrect time for the RTC.

The timezone I am in is GMT, plus one hour for daylight savings time. My Windows clock currently reads 10:17AM. Timehack, on the other hand, is telling the Amiga that it's 11:17AM. If I set the Windows clock back to GMT (9:17AM), the Amiga still gets told that it's 11:17.

I've had a look at the sourcecode for both timehack and WinUAE, and I can see where it's getting the time from. I just can't see why the returned value is wrong...

Does anyone else have this - or a similar - problem? This has persisted for at least the last three iterations of WinUAE (up to and including 22r7); prior to that, I wasn't running timehack, so I don't know if it occurred on the earlier builds.

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