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OS 3.9 can't exit and some more problems

Hi, I have finally installed OS3.9 under the latest WinUAE with kickstart 3.1 rom, everything seem work fine but have 3 problems:

1: OS quit not work, everytime I press the quit under the menu bar, it said Cannot quit yet, there are 4 WB launched program(s). ,then I turn off the amidock, now it said there are 3 WB launched program(s). What are these 3 WB programs since I didn't run anything else ?

2: Cleanup BenchTrash nto work, everytime I press cleanup, it said Sorry, can't launch clean up, no access to SYS:Trashcan- Error 205: object not find.

3: Save desktop not work, when I moved the icons position on desktop and pressed update all from menu bar, next time I reboot the OS all the icons return back to the old position again.

I have already tried reinstall the OS with and without installOS-emu script with difference WinUAE config setting, same. Please help.
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1. You don't need to shut down. Just switch it off (Alt + F4). Look into the WBStartup drawer to see which programs are loaded during startup. Some can be stopped by the Exchange program (in Tools/Commodities), some can't.

2. Create a drawer called Trashcan and give it an icon with type Trashcan (using IconEdit). Don't know if this helps, I never used BenchTrash myself. Try to read the docs (they are on the CD).

Please note that icons only go to the trashcan if you move them to the Trashcan or BenchTrash icon. If you choose delete from the menu or delete them from a shell window, they are deleted at once.

3. Never did this myself. Try to select all icons and choose snapshot from the icon menu. Maybe there are some drives that do not have an own disk icon (disk.info file) but show the default icon. Open these with IconEdit and save them again. Then they should be able to keep their position.

Another issue concerning icon position on the desktop is the minumim distance between icons. If you snapshot two icons with a distance less than the minimum, one of the icons is moved away. IIRC the minumum distance can be set using the Workbench prefs program.

Edit: you say you choose Update from the menu. This is not the right way. Update will re-read the current directory. You should use Snapshot to store icon positions.
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