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Into the Wonderful

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Happy Amiga Jaw Droppers

What games on the Amiga literally made your mouth fall open with amazement?

I think for me the one I remember most is SOTB. I hadnt had my Amiga for long when I 'aquired' this game and WOW! As soon as the haunting music kicked in I was simply amazed until (hours later) I eventually turned it off.

Other games that had a similar effect on me were:

Xenon 2 - The Music! Whoa!

Speedball 2 - As addictive as heroin.

Monkey Island - Atmosphere like Id never seen made this totally engrossing.

What are your Amiga Jaw droppers?
(Not to be confused with porn demo 'draw droppers')
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Zone Friend
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Nice thread!
Probably still my most most vivid Amiga memory was amongst my earliest, a relative of mine had gotten an Amiga & I'll never forget when I saw Battle Chess in action-seeing the disney-esque sequences & sound samples suddenly made me want to play a board game that'd send me to sleep,not to mention blew away anything I'd seen on the C64 at the time.

And although not necessarily wowing me, later I also became a big fan of the graphic adventure games, so the Amiga was ideal (at least until disk swapathons started at least, & all the publishers switched to PC only).
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Old 30 June 2003, 15:29   #3
Global Moderator

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Definitely games like Another World and Stardust...

And then Civilization, after I realised I'd been playing it for hours!
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Old 30 June 2003, 15:47   #4
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Tearaway Thomas for me. The speeeeeeeeeeeeed!!
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Mr Softy
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The Settlers for sure. The first time I've seen it it was on an english mag's coverdisk.
It was a bit of a shock. When I recovered, I pissed my parents off for ages until they finally bought me my fix...
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Shadow of the Beast was it for me too
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Old 30 June 2003, 16:35   #7
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It has to be the intro and the title pic for Blood Money ) chi-ching!!
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Old 30 June 2003, 20:56   #8
The Sacred Armour Of
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Shadow of The Beast II had me sitting up when i saw an Amiga 500 for the first time!
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Old 30 June 2003, 21:13   #9
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Wiz 'n' Liz
The real Sonic style goodness on the Amiga.
Just "discovered" it yesterday and I am very impressed with the gameplay. How could I miss it for 10 years...?
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Old 30 June 2003, 23:01   #10
Fred the Fop
flaming faggot
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No question about it. When I first saw "Centurion: Defender of Rome" and its superb battle graphics and RTS battle engine (pausable too!) I fell in love. I could not afford an Amiga at the time and was despondednt. Then, I saw it on the Sega Genesis, bouht it and was happy. And I must say the interface was excellent with a joypad. Except I always had my chariots break up in the races.
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Old 30 June 2003, 23:15   #11
Music lord
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Originally posted by IFW
Wiz 'n' Liz
The real Sonic style goodness on the Amiga.
Just "discovered" it yesterday and I am very impressed with the gameplay. How could I miss it for 10 years...?
Hurray! Someone else has finally discovered Wiz'N'Liz. It's completely brilliant. One of the most underrated games we ever did.

The way you should play it is to make a little table with all the fruit combinations, and slowly fill it in as you try the different combinations. It becomes very strategic and you will really get you absorbed in it.
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Old 01 July 2003, 01:04   #12
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I just noticed I've been playing it for quite some time
Yes, it is definitely underrated, the gameplay is absolutely stunning it should have sold like hot cakes, but I guess it was not the case
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Old 01 July 2003, 08:24   #13
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Blood Money, Kick Off 2, OnEscapee, Super Stardust AGA
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Shufflepuck Cafe for me. Totaly wicked game !
Funny sounds and the title tune was a killer.
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Old 01 July 2003, 09:30   #15
retro maniac

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Alien Breed serie since I love Alien films and game was brilliant.
Shadow of the Beast for atmosfere and graphics.
The Settlers - the best amiga game ever
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Old 01 July 2003, 10:20   #16
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#1: Shadow of the Beast - Goosebump inducing intro music and graphics. Still like to watch it through today. Shame the game itself was lacking in solid gameplay, but those parallax layers looked stunning fourteen years ago.

#2: Super Stardust, tunnel warp - More goosebumps and adrenaline, fantastic sequence.

#3: Elite 2: Frontier - Okay, so the intro ran rather sluggish on a vanilla A500/A1200, but nonetheless it was one hell of a demonstration for a freeform environment, ten years ago. Coincidentally my favourite game of all time.

#4: Pinball Dreams - Technically there was nothing impressive about this, but the intro music and graphics before choosing the table was just slick. No other word for it.

There's probably loads more, but my memory fails me at this time
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Old 01 July 2003, 10:32   #17
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wiz'n'liz for me too ...
and beside many already said up here, lotus 1, frontier (how much stuff in half a disk! and it was working even when i had powerpacked it!), the intro of perihelion,. these are just the ones that comes to me right now...
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Old 01 July 2003, 10:48   #18
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Dragons Lair - Until I stopped watching someone else play it and had a go myself.

Silkworm - I'd seen Amiga screenshots in Zzap before but I'd never heard Amiga sound and the sound FX in this game (especially the smart bomb boooom) sounded fantasic coming from a good stereo.

Elfmania - Finally someone wrote a fighing game that didn't seem to play in slow motion (and the graphics were very polished too), and it didn't require AGA

Turrican II - Mainly for the intro music, but also a technically impressive game.

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge - After plenty of slow and unconvincing racing games (turbo outrun / chace HQ 1 & 2) finally someone did it right - the same guy that did trailblazer on the C64 too Fast and smooth.
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Old 01 July 2003, 14:03   #19
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Guardian (CD32) - Awesomely playable and a non-stop adrenaline inducer. An excellent example of the sort of video game I like best: quickly accessible, lots of action, zestful presentation. Retired many CD32 pads.

SWOS – Totally blew me away from day one. The greatest football game engine ever was (brilliantly) improved upon, and the added managerial elements and huge player/team database created a sense of total freedom in which to explore Planet Football. Retired countless joysticks.

The first few Amiga games I ever saw in action, on an A500, also impressed me greatly at the time: Lotus, Speedball 2, Lemmings, even Bart vs The Space Mutants, with its animated intro sequence.
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Old 01 July 2003, 14:43   #20
Into the Wonderful
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Well, I remember when I saw Another World's intro, and how the game played so much like an epic, unfolding tale, with gameplay seamlessly interspersed with cinematics, my jaw really did literally drop. As it did when I first began immersed in the vivid atmosphere and absurdly addictive gameply of Speedball 2, one of the few sport games that I liked on the Amiga.

Also, when I first saw the gorgeous graphics of Body Blows Galactic, I fell in love, and I still like the game, even though its fighting mechanic are far from perfect. My jaw more recently dropped when I finally got to play Shadow Fighter, a truely great Amiga Beat em up.

Getting back to the 3d graphics, I was totally blown away by the gameworld presented to you in Interphase. What an awesome game, and such a novel idea! So weird, so surreal, so cyberpunk...excellent! The game world, and the spooky, nostalgic storyline you find yourself in It Came From the Desert also had me hooked for ages, even though I never got far in the game. I still suck so hard at adventure games.

But come on...if there was one game to take your breath away, in all respects...it was Gods!!! From the gorgeous artwork, to the enchanting sound effects (the "thud thud" of Hercules boots, and his various groans when he jumps and is wounded my personal favourites), to the challenging, yet not impossible game structure, intricate puzzles, and a computer AI which reacts to how well, or how poorly, you are playing, nothing else comes close.
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