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The only way to stand a chance of copy protection in this day and age is to create your own "Uncopyable" media.

If you are the only company that create the media, and are the only company to be able to write stuff to said media, then you stand a good chance of not having cracks/copies floating around.

I think the new Sony proposed handheld could give hackers a good run for their money, using Sonys own UMD (or whatever it's called) thingy.
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Ok, not kids... teens with a revenge against the whole wild world
Others did it mostly for the money according to your comment.

Important to note that games will go to a similar route with subscription systems very soon, exactly to protect the investment, nothing else. Some bs marketing will say otherwise, like online experience or whatever... now you know the truth, so don't fall for it

I expect the next gen consoles ps3, xbox2 etc. to fully employ these techniques.

As for those devices that you plug into a satellite receiver... cam emulators, mastercards etc.
I specifically stated which protections are state of the art, and anything you find for them is fake or useless

I repeat the only keys you can retrieve from those systems are keys currently in broadcast, nothing else. You do need the keys for 128 bit rsa encryption, though some were succesfully attacked (BetaCrypt, Seca etc) due to insanely poor algos - and some inside help from competing system vendors

I did not say BetaCrypt, VideoCrypt, Seca, etc. those are poor systems.

However the new systems are going to use 1024 bit rsa and the vendor wars are over, now that many pay tv systems are going to unite - so don't expect inside info anymore.
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