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CLI experts needed

I want to create some graphic in ASCII that will display in the CLI. I don't know how to setup pixel position of a cursor in CLI. I don't know how to print letters on the screen in inverse-video mode, either (that's how it was called on Atari, dunno the other name for it... I mean letters in negative). Can anyone help, please?
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I also dunno the typo to do this by hand, but you could try an ascii editor

-> http://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/aminetbin/find?ascii+diane
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Have a look in your dos manuals (if you have any) and look up ESC codes, iirc things like <esc>[4xm where x is the colour value sets the background, I can't remember any others atm, it's been a long time...

or try iff2ansi, this little program that will convert a lores iff brush to an ansi picture and t3e which converts a text file to a self viewing exe
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Yup. You'll have to use the echo command with esc commands. I remember those cracktros that used this to actually render pixellized logo suff, very clever!
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Yeah, I even made some cool stuff from IFF brushes using tools found on Utils compacts. Plus we had some CLI ANSI stuff that animated text on screen. The way I learned the Escape codes was simply by opening the ones I'd seen on existing disks and looking at the commands (like with HTML, really). After that, I found some files on BBS's that listed all the codes and I used them for reference. I had the the AmigaDOS manuals and stuff, was just too lazy to look it up I guess.

I edited them in CygnusEd since it has modes that will allow you to draw on screen without automatic returns. I never used echo to display it, though. I just typed the file (or used hacked variations, like Bounce, etc.)
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