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Old 22 June 2003, 07:47   #1
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Angry Another Luzer

Not sure if this site has been mentioned before or not, but came across it in a news group. Selling Amiga .adf's on DVD


Seems to be in the UK as the price is listed in pounds. Perhaps one or more of you blokes can pay this creatin a visit
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Old 22 June 2003, 08:49   #2
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He logged into www.emu-uk.com and posted a message in practically every forum there saying how he'd found this "Amazing" site and how we all should check it out.
He has since been banned
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Old 22 June 2003, 09:34   #3
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I think this guy also did the same thing here, posting his "ad" to a number of different threads. I don't know if he was banned or not though, but I would suspect that he was. You know, a number of people might be tempted to report somebody like this to the IDSA anyway, but when they really get obnoxious about how they try to advertise, I'd think the likelihood that somebody would actually do it increases an awful lot.
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Old 22 June 2003, 12:19   #4
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Yeah, the same guy was banned from the EAB.
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Old 22 June 2003, 16:00   #5

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Those guys are doing the same thing as 10 years ago, when the first cdrom burners where available to pc for ~700 €, trying to make back money with their new toy.
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Old 22 June 2003, 20:34   #6
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RCK is right, I remember well, how much it costed to have a burner, and how much burned software would cost!!

Pirrys would take your HD and back up all your "g4m3z" to CD, and charge a fortune for that.
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Old 23 June 2003, 09:01   #7
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What a jerk! Selling Amiga software in DVD for 20 quid is runty...
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Old 23 June 2003, 17:53   #8
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This thread makes me wonder how many Amiga cracking groups were offering Amiga disks for sale back in the day. If I recall it was quite a few, usually along with PC and console backup equipment.
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