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Thumbs up Easy way to Convert from ADF --> DMS ??

hi all, can anyone tell me an "easy" way to convert ADF file to DMS ?
when i say easy it means it can be done in about 10 seconds or so.

I saw a tutorial on the net but thats using winuae and very confusing for more or less amiga newbie like me

thanks in advance
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ok, heres an easy way...

get diskimage from aminet: http://wuarchive.wustl.edu/pub/amine.../diskimage.lha

this will let you mount upto 10 adf's at a time as a floppy device, eject them and mount others without having to mess about with uae.

once you have done that it is easy to create a button for Dopus to mount the adf file, and compress it with dms.
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But all of that is assuming you can move about in AmigaDOS/DOpus. If you cannot, I'm afraid there is no such 10-second tool anywhere.
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atatched is a script which will do it in windows for you

Simply put it in the same folder as the DMS files and makesure XDMS is in your c:windows/ folder (I think) then doubleclick it to unpack them

(note: it doesn't join split dms files back together )

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Ooops.. forgot the script

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I think he's searching for something like adf2dms.
And i don't know any tool with this function under windows. :-(
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Yet again Bippy doesn't read a thread properly Doh!!!!
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1.System2.0:> move amigaGameR0mZ0r.ADF amigaGameR0Z0r.DMS


ADF2DMS is what you need, as Nyarla pointed out. You can find it on the Aminet
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Thanks to all who replied.
Im trying the ADF2DMS, downloading from aminet after this.

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