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Old 01 June 2003, 20:48   #1
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Joypad messed up in new version...

With the new version out, my logitech wingman cordless is (again) messed up, a bit like in 0822R2 (see older post).
Y- is always activated and all X and Y axis movements seem to result in X+ ...

I've made a logfile which can be found here:
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Old 06 June 2003, 17:59   #2
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Same for me (I use a Playstation pad).
Old 09 June 2003, 17:28   #3
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Strange, I was using my Saitek P2000 playing Speedball 2 and it worked fine....
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Old 09 June 2003, 18:41   #4
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I have the same problem with strange movements when using a gamepad.

I am using a "Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power 3" USB-gamepad.
Old 10 June 2003, 19:12   #5
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Same here, with Thrustmaster Dual Analog 2. Are all of these USB pads?
Old 10 June 2003, 20:31   #6
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I don't know, but my Gravis Gamepad Pro is a USB gamepad, and I haven't had any problems with it at all. It works just like it always has. Of course that IS a digital gamepad. Are the others all analog, perhaps?
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Old 10 June 2003, 20:35   #7
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Mine is Digital and Analog, as I said, works fine.

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Old 10 June 2003, 21:36   #8
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Pad problem is now solved. Bug only affects some pads that have "Point-of-View Hat"-style direction controller.
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Old 11 June 2003, 14:27   #9
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Oh dear

I wonder if I can disable the d-pad (acts as a hat) somehow.
Old 25 June 2003, 23:44   #10
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Damn... I have this problem too...
I have an USB adapter to mount PSX controller on the PC... It worke 'till the last version of WinUAE... but with this new one NOT!!!

Anyone could help us?
Old 26 June 2003, 12:55   #11
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Dear Anybody;

Pardon my ignorance, but I am just quering Toni Wilen's response when he said the problem with the controllers had been fixed but the bug affected only the "Point of view hat" style controllers. What is "point of view hat" style, and is my Thrustmaster Dual Analogue 2 one of those? I suspect it is because my controller no longer works with the new version. Could anybody enlighten me as to whether this problem will be fixed and when?

Thanx Heaps
Old 26 June 2003, 13:21   #12
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A "pov hat like controller" is usually a controller which can use digital and analog controls at the same time (like your Dual Analog 2 or a Playstation Pad).

It will be fixed in the next WinUAE (the WinUAE releases don't take to long, do they? Just use an old version for now).

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