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"Add Harddisk" feature problem....

Has anyone got the "Add Harddisk" thing to work? I have tried to connect my old A4000 harddrive with no success (WinUAE doesn't detect a squat), and I have tried to create a new drive with no success... the dropdown box is always empty... Seems to me that the feature doesn't work at all.... the help files doesn't give a clue what to do (except that it says that i need a clean disk with a non-Windows partition, which doesn't work anyway with WinUAE).... any hints?
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Works fine for me - i've a 340 mb ide hd, i've zero-ed it with Linux ( dd ) and i have formatted it within Winuae and installed amigaos and some programs.
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Old 26 November 2002, 14:13   #3
Toni Wilen
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What is your Windows version?
Do you see detected drives in WinUAE's log? (note: startup-messages don't appear in winuaelog.txt, you must run WinUAE with "-log"-parameter to see startup-messages)
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Old 26 November 2002, 19:51   #4
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I see a lot of garble about the drives.... all say "4 partitions found" and finally "0 drives found"... even the empty drive has 4 partitions for some reason..... any idea how to totally erase the disk? maybe Win2k writes something to it? Could you perhaps help me explain what you did to make WinUAE detect the drive?
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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even the empty drive has 4 partitions for some reason
Drive has PC partition table but no partitions. This is not Amiga formatted anymore..

You can use undocumented "-disableharddrivesafetytest" -parameter to disable drive hiding. Be careful with it!
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Old 26 November 2002, 22:43   #6
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Thanks! I found a nifty software called Paragon Disk Wiper which works in Windows 2000 and with USB drives (I am running the Amiga drive off a USB2 drive). The program wipes the disc completely which allowed WinUAE to find it. Apparently the Disk Manager in Win2k couldn't erase the disk properly... Thanks for all help!
Old 27 November 2002, 22:23   #7
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I still cant get any disks to appear in the [Add Harddrive] even if I use the -disableharddrivesafetytest switch.

Ok I only have scsi on my PC and the Amiga HD is using the PFS2 file system.

Heres the log

ASPI: open_driver 103 HostASPIStatus=0x1 HACount=0x3
ASPI: open_driver HostASPIStatus=0x1 HACount=0x3
ASPI: 0:0:0 'V386 ' 'STEALTH DVD ' '1.0h' [CDROM]
ASPI: 1:0:0 'SEAGATE ' 'ST173404LW ' '3E01'
ASPI: 1:1:0 'FUJITSU ' 'MAF3364LP ' '3201'
ASPI: 1:2:0 'CONNER ' 'CFP4207S 4.28GB' '1423'
ASPI: 1:6:0 'PIONEER ' 'DVD-ROM DVD-303 ' '1.09' [CDROM]
ASPI: 2:0:0 'OEI-Link' 'Media Reader 00 ' 'Rev '
support_scsi = 1 support_ioctl = 2
V386 STEALTH DVD 1.0h = uaescsi.device:0
PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-303 1.09 = uaescsi.device:206

I did manage to get both DVD drives working so that I can use an Amiga CD player.

The Conner drive just wont show up in the config. The output log window says "0 drives detected"

Any ideas anyone.
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the switch never worked for me, but if you start WinUAE with the

winuae.exe -log

parameter you would see if your harddisk is found and accepted... You should have a line saying the model number of your drive, and how many partitions you have on it. If it's accepted it will say something like "1 drive found".... it worked for me with my old Quantum Atlas harddrive as well as with my 10GB EIDE drive.
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Oops I just read the bit about adminstrator rights and 2000/XP
Guess I'll have to upgrade to 2000 this is a feature I want.

btw why do the latest versions 8.22R2 and R3 turn off numlock? Older versions did not do this.

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