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I have bought two PPC cards Killer M1 @400 and K1 @333 but I have many problems to use them in Mediator 4000Di 3V PCI, in A4000 with SB11, OS3.9BB4, Apollo 4060 @50 128Mb+16Mb, Voodoo3 3000 16Mb and I don't understand if It's a software problem, or hardware problem of Mediator card or A4000.

I have installed the Killer M1/K1 in PCI 3 slot (in PCI 2 slot I have Voodoo3 card, in PCI 1 slot I had SB128 but I have removed it to test better so I have nothing now, in PCI 4 slot I have nothing).
In this PCI 3 slot I have no problem to initialize the PPC Killer M1 (or K1), while if I put K1 in PCI slot 1 I have the message "No supported PPC PCI bridge detected".

Using Killer M1 or K1 in PCI 3 slot, I can initialize it correctly with "startppc" script (I'm using last version binary build #400 of 10/10/2018), I can see detaild of the two cards with "getinfo" command, I can run correctly "bogomips", I can test correctly PPC cards in SysSpeed amiga program (406 MIPS with K1@333 and 487 MIPS with M1@400, I can test correctly tabletennis WOS test, while if I run cybermand WOS and voxelspace WOS test after few seconds I have a guru (reboot ad software failure 8000 0003), and after the reboot if I run "pciinfo" command there is no more the Killer M1/K1 in PCI 3 slot !!! there is only voodoo3 card in PCI 2 slot (I need to power off the Amiga, and then power on it to see again Killer M1/K1 with pciinfo or scanpci commands).
Same as problem if I play Nightlong game, and QuakeWOS.

I'm using the 68060.library and its 68040.library and 68o4o.library originals of Apollo A4060; I have not installed MMULib.lha , because I have read in the guide It is not strictly necessary
I'm using last version pci.library 13.6 with last version powerpc.library 5.1 of build #400 date 10/10/2018
I'm using I think last Unofficial Picasso96 2.1e http://lilliput.amiga-projects.net/Picasso96.htm in OS3.9BB4
I have RTG master 68k installed http://aminet.net/package/driver/video/rtgmaster_user , AHI 6.x of OS3.9BB4 with Paula 8bit DMA only.
It's not installed Warp3D.

Before to add the Killer M1/K1 I used:
VoodooMem set to 12Mb
VoodooMemOS set to No
VoodooInt set to No (because It's needed to play T-zer0 game and probably other games)

Adding the Killer M1/K1 I changed to:
VoodooMem set to 13Mb
VoodooMemOS set to Yes
VoodooInt set to Yes
With these setting I had apparetly many problems with Nightlong ppc (also with Nightlong 68k), immediatly a guru

So I have changed again to:
VoodooMem set to 12Mb
VoodooMemOS set to No
VoodooInt set to No
With these settings I have played a little with Nightlong ppc, but then a guru ... same as with cybermand, voxelspace, quakewos ...

I have tested the voltage in the PSU, and It's +5.06V and +12.47V in the molex connector; I think It' s correct .

So I don't understand if it's a software problem or an hardware problem of Mediator or A4000

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you really should install the MMUlib
VoodooMem set to 13Mb
VoodooMemOS set to Yes
VoodooInt set to Yes
you have to have
testing voltage with out load is useless
you need to check it with load
but these cards use like 3w but you may need to redo your PSU if its a stock that hasnt been recapped
same issue i had with a bad 5v rail not many caps in them so not a hard repair
but you are better off upgrading to ATX

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