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This cat is no more
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any good tool to find run-time errors?

I'm developping JST, and sometimes it freezes when performing disk operations (doslib Read for instance)

it's random. Most of the time it works, and sometimes it stops the program (but the console is still active and the machine doesn't crash)

Running the program in another console often works.

My program is coded in assembly, I'm running WinUAE. Would enforcer work? maybe I'm misusing some OS call. Is there some OS call inspector which is able to detect wrong calls?
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Going nowhere

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I would put in a delay in opening/closing/writing when doing filereads using Amigados. Wait of 2 seconds should be enough everytime you open and when you close which should be enough for all systems, maybe pass a parameter for user to set the delay value so its waiting less on systems that dont need to wait 2 seconds

Its fixed a few games that ordinarily wouldnt work on cd33 because of different delay when drive hardware wakes up and closes down again.
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Old 27 December 2017, 04:49   #3
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>Is there some OS call inspector which is able to detect wrong calls?

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This cat is no more
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thanks, but the last version crashes my system. The previous version (I had installed) runs but finds nothing.

No enforcer hits either.

About the delay: Galahad note that I'm not talking about CD access. This is for a HD usage.

The bug has been there for 20 years I guess. Sigh.

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son of 68k
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If you want to know where your program stops, you have two easy ways of finding it :
1. Output something in some console, for every OS call you make (might be too much of a flood, though).
2. Write something in memory, like at $100, indicating where you are in your program.

Then, once frozen, just have a look to check where you were when this happened.
You can also write the function parameters in the console output or the memory area, to see if they look correct.
In addition, any register or variable value can be output to see if they're in expected range.

If this is dos.library/Read that fails, i would first check the file handle.
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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You can use winuae debugger Tt to list tasks and if task is waiting, listed PC value will point to Wait() call that caused it to hang, it may help to find out which dos call hung. (Note that you must use KS 3.1 without any exec patches that can change exec stack frames)

It probably is caused by invalid handle if system keeps running normally.
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Have you checked how much stack space is available when you call DOS functions? You need at least a couple of KB.
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