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Strange A1200 mouse issue.

I've searched around on here and on other forums, as well as google, and I can find problems simular, but not the same as the issue I'm having.
Firstly, my configuration:

Amiga A1200 with a 4GB Compact Flash card installed on the internal IDE port
Running Workbench 3.1 with ClassicWB, and using Kickstart 3.0. There are no modifications or expansions aside from the compact flash card, so it is a completely stock unit.

The problem I am having, is an unusual one. Everything seems to function perfectly, except the right mouse button doesn't respond within games (booted from Floppy), or workbench itsself. The mouse seems to be fine, as I have continuity tested the microswitches with a multimeter, and accessing the boot menu by holding both mouse buttons works. In addition to this, holding right mouse button while booting correctly loads ClassicWBs menu to choose between "Minimal boot" and "Safe Mode".

I further tested the mouse by grabbing JoyTest of Aminet, and running that with my mouse in the joystick port, both mouse buttons were registered as button presses, so again, the mouse seems fine. Even stranger, is that when the mouse is in the correct mouse port, the "right click to exit" function of Joytest works, dispite the right button not being read by any other application or game.

Does anybody here have any idea on what could be causing the issue?

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Toni Wilen
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Does right alt + right amiga (right button key shortcut) activate Workbench menus normally?
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Yes, that works fine, it's how I've been coping while searching for a fix.

EDIT: The problem has now been resolved, it appears to have been caused by a weak and/or dying PSU. I intend to purchase an accelerator as soon as funds allow it, and I am aware that the A1200 PSU is too week once expansions become involved. I spent the last half hour preparing and testing an ATX PSU for the Amiga, and now everythings working correctly.

I would have thought a weak PSU would have caused other more serious problems, such as instability, graphics corruption or crashes, but I experienced nothing like that, so I didn't think it was a power problem, when obviously, it was.

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I had a similar issue on A4000. iirc, Alpha mouse wouldn't work properly because the PSU connector was bad (+5V wire would heat up a lot). however, C= mouse did work and there were other problems too.
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