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Big grin Save State on Cloanto Amiga Forever 3.0

newbie question here please.
Is there a save state feature on cloanto amiga forever 3.0 ?
or should I say is there a save state feature on winuae ?

can anyone explain thoroughly as to the steps to do this?

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Doh, Amiga Forever 3.0 dont have SAVE STATE

Okay just bought and downloaded 5.0 Amiga forever...

How come each time I save a state then I get "xxx.USS" file and when I tried to load the saved state, the WINUAE restarts to opening menu and doesnt load the game at all ?

Please help!!!!
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Okay just bought and downloaded 5.0 Amiga forever...
AF 5.0's WinUAE is very old.. Download newer WinUAE from http://www.winuae.net/

Don't forget that you need to load correct configuration before loading the state file.
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Gee, then how do I replace the "old WinUAE" as in the Cloanto Amiga Forever 5.0 with a "newer WinUAE" as in winuae.net ?

Sorry im a newbie
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Don't forget that you need to load correct configuration before loading the state file.
When you say the above, does this mean configuration like:

sound, game I/o ports etc ?
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Originally posted by Toni Wilen
[B]AF 5.0's WinUAE is very old.. Download newer WinUAE from http://www.winuae.net/

I check out the site, the thing is..
to download the newer WinUAE, how many I have to download?
there are several download links?
How do I compile all together to make up the winuae?

Download latest WinUAE (0.8.22R1) [installer] [zip-archive]

Download following executable if you have Pentium 4 and JIT-mode is crashing the emulator: [0.8.22R1 Pentium 4 JIT fix]

AHI sound driver for 0.8.22R1: [AHI driver]
Updated clipboard utility for 0.8.22R1: [Clipboard utility]

Download previous releases: 0.8.21R4 0.8.21R3 0.8.21R2 0.8.21R1

Download Latest WinUAE sources
Currently can be only compiled with MSVC. You also need MS Platform SDK, Windows DDK, correct wnaspi32.h header file, SDL headers and libraries and ZLib headers and libraries
(If you don't want to download huge PSDK and DDK, recent DirectX headers and libraries and headers from DDK should be all you need)
Download Xdms
If you want to use DMS compressed disk-images (.dms files), you'll need xdms on your PC - put xdms.exe into your PATH somewhere.
Windows 95 users need to download: Winsock2 update and OpenGL support files

sorry.. but the amiga forever 5.0 is one download and straightforward to use for newbie like me.
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I have Amiga Forever 5 and when you install it there is a "Software Update" manager that tell you when a new version of winuae is available to download

I am using the latest version of WinUae on Amiga Forever 5 and it all works perfectly fine
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Old 14 November 2002, 14:30   #8
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Great !

Much Thanks to Toni Wilen & CPC 464!

Now my Amiga forever 5.0 has new WinUAE and save state worked flawlessly.

Thanks again guys!

Neil a.ka. "I don't care about my PM" (admin)

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