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Thanks must go to Bloodwych for his work....

Feel I need to register to post a thanks to Bloodwych...

Awesome job on the classicWB packs. I've been into Amiga computers since 1991. I've attempted to use Win UAE before to try and refresh the memories of such an excellent computer system, however I've never actually got it working 'quite' right...

I have owned the classic A500+, I got mine when Commodore let the machine slip out the door without too many knowing there was a replacement A500 being released.. I thought I was getting a computer with only 512K memory, quite pleased to get a machine with an additional 512K and a better O/s and updated kickstart....

I then upgraded to a A1200, and finally got the machine into a tower case, with 500GB Hdd and a Phase 5 Blizzard 68060 upgrade with 8MB of ram, and a rather niffy 2 x CD rom drive - quite advanced back in 1994 for an Amiga..

Sadly the board died some years ago, and I never did get around to replacing it, and PC's took over... a Pentium machine with games like Quake - well too good to pass up.. At the time. Although Windows 95 wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped. Even worse I ended up supporting the O/s for many years for my job.. I used the Amiga till the very end, well till Windows XP showed up..then it sadly died. Poor old A1200.

Anyhow, stumbled across this website, and decided to give the ClassicWB a go... Only took my around an hour to get it all up and running. Well, took me a few more hours to get netsurf to work with CSS, as aweb really does suck..!! Sorry guys.

Understand why you'd leave netsuff out of the package... I had to use the 68K version, and it doesn't really install all that well.. I had to install amiTCP and the Libs myself...

Oh and WHDLoad complains about kickstart files not being present in DEVS/Kickstart . Soon fixed that, *cough* get a rom and renamed and all working.. Edit - forgot to say. The readme files you provide do warn you about this, so to be expected.

So, big thanks from me.. Nice to have another go on an old miggy..

And I've also read the news about the new Amiga one X1000... Exciting, however lets see if it actually appears before we all go - yippee.!!

Thanks.. Great job on the classicWB installer.

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Welcome to EAB!!!!!!

Hope you stay around a little more, since you are obviously an Amiga fan.

Thanks for the kind words and your related story; interesting read.

How does netsurf work? I thought it was OS4 only? If you can be bothered to put a pack together with the necessary files, I could include them in some of the ClassicWB packs like the P96 and/or UAE.
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Yes, I’m a bit of an Amiga Fan. Have been ever since I got my first Amiga way back in 1991. Excellent machines, although I did make a bit of a mistake with my A1200 spec. It was a 500MB HDD not 500GB.

Anyhow, yes. Netsurf. I’m currently at work but when I get home I’ll go back over my notes etc to then post more about it. Bascially, I think it’s a OS3.9 or higher PPC web browser that supports Style Sheets, but re-complied for 68K. It’s a bit of a memory hog, and running it on a classic Amiga – or in my case UAE requires a healthy amount of fast ram, however it can be done..

I was curious to see just how much Amiga O/S 3.1 can do that the now flagship Windows 7 can do… Obviously, a few hundred pound, massive bloatware O/S like Windows 7 can actually do quite a bit, I just wanted to see what I couldn’t do with Amiga O/S 3.1. an O/S that came out – what back in 1993???

I got a list currently of not able to get working on O/S 3.1 –

Web browsing of youtube and some flash sites
Movie Playback
Blu Ray Playback

This is all comparative… As it, Windows 7 can play games, so can O/S3.1, and Windows 7 can play Mod files, so can O/S 3.1 etc…. Sure you get the idea..

So other then web and movie playback, I was quite surprised at how much a few MB install of OS 3.1 could do when compared to a few GB install of Microsoft’s best O/S to date (subject to opinion)..

I’ll post more later..
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uber cool demi god

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Thanks from me too, love the packs. Love 'em.
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