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Old 31 December 2006, 16:09   #1
RIP Friends
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Thumbs up WinUAE 1.3.4 released

WinUAE 1.3.4 (30.12.2006)

Bugs fixed:

- Improved bsdsocket emulation stability
- Winuaeclipboard crash fix
- Windows Vista compatibility problems fixed
- Filesystem flag handling on FAT volumes
- Page Down-key Input panel remapping works properly
- Sound system improved
- ECS Denise/AGA borderblank feature works properly
- Dualcore/SMP random freezes properly fixed

and more minor fixes..

Bugs introduced in 1.3.3 fixed:

- AVIOutput out of sync fix
- CPU emulation condition code fix
- Fixed handle leak in bsdsocket and AHI
- Sound pitch shifting in VSync-mode and more..
- Catweasel MK4 mouse support

New features:

- Improved emulation of AGA sprites outside display window
- uaeserial.device introduced. Multi-port serial device, unit numbers are directly mapped to PC serial ports (unit 0 = COM0, 1 = COM1 etc..)
- Improved serial port detection, virtual devices also supported
- Improved Catweasel MK3/4 support without Windows driver installed (requires TVicPort, http://www.entechtaiwan.com/dev/port/index.shtm)
- Improved debugger features
- Sound system is not anymore reinitialized when losing/gaining focus
- 1M (1024KB) ROM image support
- Sound volume configuration setting also sets AHI audio volume (previously was Paula audio only)
- Custom chipset interrupt timing improved

And more..

Source: http://www.winuae.net/
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Old 31 December 2006, 21:36   #2
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and again:
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Old 01 January 2007, 01:04   #3
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Many thanks.
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Yeah, nice one.
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Born again WinUAE user

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Excellent as always! Never seen so many updates in one year! There are no excuses for not having the best emulator around - bar none. Brilliant.
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Thanks a lot !
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Old 01 January 2007, 19:19   #8
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thk for this marvellous piece of art! and happy new years
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Old 02 January 2007, 01:46   #9
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many thank for all the hard work Toni!
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Old 02 January 2007, 01:52   #10
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Yes thank you Toni for your work ^^ !

It comes as a pair with IPF releases ^^, without winuae we couldn't be
able to use them ^^, hats off peep
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Carlos Ace
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Fred the Fop
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Originally Posted by Carlos Ace
Hi Carlos!
I'm still waiting for an update to Screenmania.
I have tons to contribute.
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