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Saving my speedball2 game

Hi guys im new to WINuae. I finally got speedball2 worknig with a little help from the guys on here. my next problem is how do i make a save game? i tried "create standard floppy" and mounted it in DF1 but it didnt work
any help would be appreciated, thanks

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Have you tried to put your blank save disk in df0: instead of df1: ? Some games don't support more than one floppy drive.
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but if i do that, then how do i boot the speedball rom? can that go in DF1?

also do i have to make a "standard" or "Custom" floppy?

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While in the game press F12, then this will allow you to exchange your game adf to your save adf, look in the floppies tab and you can do this to exchange your save disk with your program disk, now you can use one drive. Also, you format standard floppy.

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Just to add to what everyone is saying, you won't need to worry about changing the Speedball II adf file. Just let it load to the start up menu first, and from there you won't need the adf in DF0; you can insert and leave your created "blank floppy" in DF0. (The real Amiga/Discs worked like that too)
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oh wicked! thanks guys, youve all been really helpful. Ive got it running a treat now. Seems like u can only create a save game on the first game of a season though? after that the button is blanked out. is that normal?
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I don't really remember, as I haven't played Speddball 2 seriously for years, but here is an extract from the documentation :

Games can be saved or loaded only when you play League or Cup games. Be sure that you have a blank disk ready.
Click on SAV from the Manager screen. The screen displays "insert save game disk". Press fire to save or ESC to cancel. Any existing file will be deleted. You can save one League or one Cup per disk.

(sorry for any syntax error and typo, I translate from my french manual)

Maybe you have to use a new disk each time you want to save (although this would be really dumb ; I guess that the game is smart enough to replace any existing game) ?
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i think its a quirk of the game. i seem to remember you couldnt save it every match. Maybe there is some speedball playing veteran out there who can clarify this for me?
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in case everything fails, use the savestate function of winuae
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Speedball 2 lets you save after every 3 games.
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